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Green Button Go Scheduler is automated laboratory scheduling software that will help you make the most of the devices, instruments, and workcells in your lab.

And you don’t have to be an automation engineer to see the benefits. Featuring user-friendly software designs you might see in a consumer app, you can bring thoughtful control and powerful insights to the entire laboratory.

  • Drag and drop devices to configure your workstation
  • Best-in-class error-handling tools and error-recovery methods
  • Build your processes and define the tasks
  • Instantly start running with drag-and-drop operations
  • Schedule and run the process
  • Monitor real-time progress

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Green Button Go Scheduler is



Easy to use

Easy to use

Device agnostic

Device agnostic

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Scheduling should begin with you

Traditional laboratory automation starts with one workstation like a liquid handler and builds outward, often leveraging software designed by the workstation’s manufacturer to control the instrument and integrations.

When you start with
the workstation,
instead of your workflow

Dependent for drivers
Dependent for drivers

You are waiting for the liquid handler’s manufacturer to integrate with other devices and keep up to date with industry changes

Controlled by software
Controlled by software

Your team has to learn a new software package if you swap out manufacturers

Challenged by error recovery
Challenged by error recovery

Workflows are often designed in one giant file, leading to challenges in error recovery and difficulties in reclaiming precious samples and reagents during a run failure

Granted limited analytics
Granted limited analytics

You only gain analytics insight into one key instrument in your lab, instead of looking holistically at device and process efficiencies across a cluster of devices


Orchestrating your discoveries

Plug and play with hundreds of devices and instruments

Let Green Button Go Scheduler take the headache out of staying connected to a variety of instruments. We’ve integrated hundreds of liquid handlers, incubators, dispensers, washers, and more, with every manufacturer in the game. We keep pace with the latest releases and take the work off your hands to ensure continuity in your lab when you decide to swap out an instrument or change out a process.

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lab equipment

Make the Most of Your Equipment

Green Button Go Scheduler not only runs planned activities across a workstation, it also simulates any automated workflow in a fully virtual environment.

With the power to simulate, you unlock the ability to run timing studies and experiment with automation design. That means getting more out of the investment you already have

Software Features Built for Scientists

Green Button Go Scheduler is built with extensions that you can turn on as needed to power up your workflow. Choose what you need and when.

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Batch planner

Calendar + execute kinetic workflows at a specified frequency + duration

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Cell Maintenance Planner

Calendar + execute reoccurring tasks at a specified frequency + duration

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Multipath Scheduler

Schedule + control multiple robots and transportation systems simultaneously

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Assay Scheduler

Schedule + control multiple assays simultaneously with optimal efficiency

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Universal Liquid Handler Interface

Interact with all liquid handlers through an easy-to-use process builder

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21CFR11 Manager

Built-in traceability to ensure FDA compliance

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Hear from Our Customers

“In a discovery setting, flexible robotic solutions are important to ensure that automation meets the business’s current and future needs. We are implementing generic solutions that combine automated liquid handling robotics with integrated instrumentation to achieve walkaway assay support.

To ensure easy adoption, user-friendly graphical interfaces enable the systems to process many different assay-specific parameters. Operator intervention is also reduced by utilizing scheduling functionality available in the software to control integrated peripheral devices.”

Jesse Mulcahy
Principal Automation Engineer | EMD Serono

Hear from Jesse and others in our recent presentation at SLAS 2022.

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Our philosophy is simple. One software suite should empower your lab, no matter what research you do or the devices you choose.

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