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Green Button Go Software

Because laboratory automation is more than just instruments

Green Button Go Software

Truly revolutionary automation

The modern lab can be connected and responsive, providing control and analytics across every device, workflow, and sample you manage. All you need to achieve it is the right partner and the right software to unify the entire experience.

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Plan every facet of lab automation

Green Button Go Software allows you to plan, schedule, execute, and optimize every facet of the laboratory environment. If you’re starting small and have plans to grow, or you’re ready to build tomorrow’s state-of-the-art biofactory, we have you covered.

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The connected and responsive lab

Your lab operates with people plus a collection of devices that empower you to make your next discovery. Few lab devices are designed to communicate with each other. They definitely are not designed to seamlessly integrate in an automated environment. As a result, labs end up with isolated, standalone equipment and manual workflows over the years, while the scientists fill the gaps.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Green Button Go Orchestrator Software Suite

A modular suite of software applications enabling you to plan, schedule, execute, and optimize every facet of the laboratory environment.

Data Services

Connect systems seamlessly in the cloud

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Visualize all processes globally, in one dashboard

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Schedule + execute processes on integrated platforms

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Workflow Designer

Build workflows that span across your entire laboratory

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Workflow Conductor

Plan and direct workflows across your entire laboratory

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Lab Experience

Capture + digitalize manual tasks and data

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Instrument Agent

Operate + track processes + data for standalone equipment

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Transportation Manager

Move materials across your entire laboratory and beyond

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Overcome Common Hurdles to Efficient Laboratories

To speed up your own lab, you’ll need to deal with the roadblocks facing every lab.


Reduce Human-Dependent Variability


Eliminate Timing Variability


Improve Data Capture Capabilities


Reduce Instances of Disparate Data


Eliminate Siloed Lab Experiments


Expand Lab Analytics

Accelerate your discoveries

The demand for lifesaving cures and scientific innovations grows every year. Give your lab the edge with a unified software solution built to connect all your data and maximize lab productivity.

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Experience the Green Button Go software suite live at the Biosero Acceleration Lab in San Diego, California.

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Sometimes, you just want to hear how it’s gone for a lab like yours. Check out those stories here.

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Partnering with Scientists Since 2003

We want to be your partner for the long term. Let’s find those cures and make the world a better place for all of us.

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