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Green Button Go Software

Green Button Go® software connects end-to-end laboratory workflows that integrate manual processes, automate instruments, and capture and contextualize data. Empower your scientists, researchers and technologists to make better decisions, in less time with more data.

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Workflow Design and Modification Made Easy

Creating and modifying the workflow in Green Button Go software is easy. Select the device driver for the equipment you want to automate from the cloud-based driver library. Using the drag-and-drop user interface, position the instruments where you want them in the process.

  • Device-Agnostic You choose the best equipment for your workflow, now or in the future, never restrained by the limits of your software. A true plug-and-play system Green Button Go software controls and automates a variety of equipment including robotic arms, scanners, liquid handlers, washers and readers for scientific and research labs.
  • Automation Simulation Eliminates Guesswork Once you have designed your workflow in the Green Button Go software interface, you can run virtual simulations and time tests without using instruments to ensure the workflow set up will meet throughput expectations.
  • Hundreds of Device Drivers Avoid the headache and the anxiety of whether a driver is supported for every device you add to your workflow. More than 300 device drivers are compatible with Green Button Go software. If we don’t have the device driver you need, we’ll develop it for you!

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Dynamic Scheduling or Static Scheduling: Your Choice!

Green Button Go software employs powerful scheduling algorithms that can be deployed in a static or dynamic strategy.

  • Dynamic Scheduling Smartly optimize timing and resource utilization to execute workflow processes more effectively.
  • Static Mode Control timing of your experiments in a robust, linear approach, or blend tougher dynamic and static runs based on the requirements of your process and equipment.
  • Schedule and Walk Away Tired of watching your workflows every minute to make sure they are running smoothly? Now, you can schedule instrument usage and walk away while Green Button Go software coordinates all the work. You can access workflows remotely from the software, and stream data in real-time around the clock.

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Error Recovery Saves Precious Resources

It is nerve-wrecking when runtime errors leave no other option than to abort the run. Green Button Go software empowers you to pause a run to modify the method or fix a hardware issue. Replace a device, calibrate and continue with the same run. With the best-in-class error handling tools you’ll save hours of lost time and funds in lost reagents and consumables.

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Barcode Scanner Screen

Green Button Go software supports custom scripting to create a process step that only allows lab workers to move forward when they have correctly completed each essential step in the barcode reading process. The software guarantees that each step in the process is followed, essential in diagnostic testing workflows such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR) low-throughput micro plate reading with a manual barcode scanner.

For example, you can’t press the GO button to start a run until you scan the barcode, ensuring the software captures all the data from each plate and links it to that specific run before the method can advance.

As the lab technician scans a barcode, the software populates multiple fields in the database with patient information. If the software finds crucial information is missing, it stops the process until the error is corrected. Once the run is completed, a dialog box tells the technician the run has finished and confirms the data has been saved and transferred for analysis. Only then can they start a new run.

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Software Tools

On-Screen Error Windows: If an instrument error occurs during the run, the error window connects you to a support tool that auto-populates the support ticket submission window. The tool guides you through the process to package the required files and submit a ticket with Biosero service for troubleshooting and resolution

In App Contextual Help: Hover over an icon to access contextual tips and pointers. With in-app contextual help you can access guidance quickly and with minimum effort. An extensive user manual comes with every Green Button Go software user license.

Worry-free Backups: Create back-ups for installation, settings and methods so it can be used to restore the system if ever needed in the future.

Real Time Input Provide: Real time input for the Biosero team using the Green Button Go Feature Request window. Suggest new features or improvements and rate your software experience so we continue to enhance your experience quality.


Flexible Programming: Green Button Go software accommodates all user. Whether you’re starting automation from scratch or implementing deep, customizable scripts, the software has rich functionality to support both.

  • Quick access to commands
  • Supports C#, JavaScript, Visual Basic, Python

Security & Compliance

  • Control and assign user privileges and access
  • Software is locally deployed so it can operate safely behind a firewall
  • Green Button Go software is available in a versionthat is certified 21 CFR Part 11 compliant

Technical Specifications: PC specifications: Intel Core i5 processor with a minimum of 4GB RAM

Training and Support

Training to Ensure Success Hands-on training for Green Button Go software is available regularly.

  • Basic Training: Learn to install and set-up the software, execute layout changes, add new instruments, create methods, run programs and handle errors.
  • Basic + Advanced Training: In addition to covering the basics, Advanced Training teaches you to modify layouts, develop complex scenarios and manage errors. It also covers basic scripting.
  • Developer Training: Learn advanced scripting to develop your own drivers and plug-ins for Green Button Go software.

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