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Innovative software solutions from Biosero integrate end-to-end workflows that multiply productivity in the lab for automation success every day.

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Green Button Go Software

Today’s automation solutions have to be scalable, changeable, and work now and in the future. The Biosero Green Button Go® suite of software products provides a unified way to design, dispatch, and schedule lab workflows, capturing and managing data all along and across all levels of operation. Green Button Go Orchestrator is our most advanced offering, capable of orchestrating entire workflows within and across laboratories. Green Button Go Scheduler operates at the level of an integrated workstation, pairing ultimate flexibility with ultimate useability. Integrate, control, and schedule multiple instruments or devices with ease. Make the most of the automated tools in your lab with Green Button Go software.

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Science is constantly evolving, and so is laboratory automation. Biosero integrated solutions and unique scheduling paradigms enable laboratories to maximize productivity and efficiency by using the same automated solution to simultaneously process a wide variety of assays with a varying number of samples.

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Multiply productivity in the lab by integrating manual processes, automating instruments, and capturing and contextualizing data in an end-to-end laboratory workflow. Whether you want to design it together or put it in our trusted hands, Biosero will match the automation to your science, overseeing implementation from start to finish.

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Biosero Acceleration Lab

See your automation vision come to life by taking a tour of the Biosero Acceleration lab. The dynamic Acceleration Lab demonstrates how the Green Button Go® Orchestrator suite of applications creates scalable, flexible, changeable end-to-end workflows. Visit in person at Biosero headquarters in San Diego or take a virtual tour.

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"Working with Green Button Go software, we have reduced the time it takes to prepare our samples by 94%. Whatever automation task we need for our lab, I can get it done with Green Button Go software."

Chris Scholl
Director Automation and Robotics

Cannalysis labs

"Green Button Go software’s tremendous flexibility and extensibility allows us to build any automated process we can dream of. Great for power users and beginners alike."

Transon Nguyen
Founding Engineer and Head of Laboratory Automation

Notable Labs

Biosero Acceleration Lab

Experience how automation can be implemented in your lab now and in the future

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