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Dashboard to globally visualize all processes in motion


Laboratory Analytics Redefined

With Insights, you gain a powerful new view into your laboratory. Real-time monitoring is available alongside historical trend reports that pull in past data about every workstation, workflow, and sample in your setup. Make data-driven decisions about productivity with the Insights dashboard.

  • Visualize your entire automated laboratory operation with real-time data from all workstations showing project status, error reports, and more
  • Detailed analytics for instrument utilization trends allows users to optimize their labs by spotting bottlenecks or unused capacity
  • View longitudinal data from connected sensors
  • Rapid one-click access to all workcells from a single interface
  • Portal function enables connection with software tools within the dashboard

Run Your Lab Like a Business

With a powerful tech stack capturing each activity in the lab, you can quantify and measure your lab in groundbreaking ways. Businesses have long run on performance analytics, and now the lab can too.

Quantify Productivity
Quantify Productivity

The Insights dashboard visualizes reporting on what activities occur and when, giving you real insight into frequency and function

Find and Resolve Bottlenecks
Find and Resolve Bottlenecks

Gain the ability to look for time-consuming processes and push for efficiency

Drive Consistency Across Lab Installations
Drive Consistency Across Lab Installations

Insights can showcase information from a single lab or many labs located in different places. Scale it as you need to gain consistent analytics.

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Green Button Go Orchestrator

Orchestrating your discoveries

Visualize the Full Picture of Lab Activity

Once you’ve connected your lab with Green Button Go Orchestrator, you’ll want to see real-time analytics. Insights enables the visualization of activity across the entire Orchestrator Suite to give you results.


Insights can also showcase data from around the lab, including from systems like these:

  • Green Button Go Orchestrator Suite
  • Asset management systems
  • Supply chain management systems
  • LIMS
  • ELN
  • Data analysis systems
  • Inventory systems
  • Ordering systems

Monitor Experiments in Real-Time

Insights shows you each workstation’s activities and, ultimately the status of your experiments, in real-time. If an error occurs, you can remote into the workstation and troubleshoot the issue right from Insights on your desk or operator station.

Real time

Optimize the Productivity in Your Laboratory

Through Data Services, every logged activity and all its contextual data is available to browse in customizable tables and charts through Insights. Export the data to easily share it with your team and dive into the info to identify bottlenecks and unused capacity.

Error rates
Instrument utilization
Workstation utilization
Asset Availability
Laboratory sensor data: light, humidity, temperature, etc.

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