Discover flexible lab automation software that delivers consistent, reliable results

Reduce the Need for User Interaction

The ability to obtain high yield and quality of nucleic acids from an increasing number of samples is critical to the success of clinical and research operations. Green Button Go® Scheduler can effectively automate and schedule these various extraction techniques, enabling researchers to focus on uncovering new discoveries that impact health and well-being.

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Increase Your Genomic Analysis Capabilities Without Sacrificing Quality

Produce superior and robust results with the flexible, dynamic workflow controls of Green Button Go Scheduler. Laboratory automation software creates a reproducible, high-quality sample processing for functional genomic applications. Automating these processes can be adaptably managed—whether you’re at the beginning stages of nucleic acid extraction, running traditional methodologies, or developing new cutting-edge detection kits. Rely on Green Button Go Scheduler for comprehensive oversight of your lab’s processes and discoveries.


Automate Workflow Processes for More Reliable Results

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technologies have evolved to become increasingly miniaturized with higher throughput, making it difficult to obtain consistent results. Green Button Go Scheduler combines dynamic, flexible workflow management capabilities with elegant tracking of complex liquid handling sequences for an additional layer of control. Our software also supports real-time monitoring of instrument utilization and plate timings to ensure consistency and establish reliability.

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Next-Generation Sequencing and DNA Fragmentation Automation Software

Green Button Go Scheduler is designed to generate DNA fragment libraries for next-generation sequencing (NGS) with flexible workflow management and a diverse instrument library. It fully automates processes minimizing the risk of human error and sample contamination, increasing the sample integrity by creating a consistent process.

Green Button Go software collects and contextualizes real-time data, empowering you to make better decisions in less time with more data.

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