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If you’ve always associated lab automation with massive-scale pharma labs, you’re not alone. But today’s automation technology can be tailored to laboratories of any size, offering a wide range of benefits for any environment where reproducibility and reliability are non-negotiable. Whether it’s a single integrated workstation or an entire choreographed laboratory, here’s how automation can improve clinical results, operational efficiency, and economic stability for clinical labs.

Clinical Results

  • Robots do the same task the same way every time, eliminating the risk of operator-to-operator variability
  • Automated systems allow for continual data capture, ensuring that every step of a test or process is fully documented to provide a complete chain of custody for patient samples
  • Workstations centralize and contextualize your lab’s data, giving you one central dashboard with real-time monitoring of everything in your lab
Diagnostics: Clinical Results

Operational Efficiency

  • Automated workflows require less maintenance and less hands-on time than manual ones, allowing lab members to focus on higher-value tasks
  • Robots can increase efficiency to meet demand, running around the clock when needed
  • Automated systems move samples around without human intervention, reducing the risk of mix-ups
  • Error-sensing capabilities allow workstations to pause a run to avoid losing samples or costly reagents
Diagnostics: Operational Efficiency

Economic Stability

  • Robots can work with smaller sample and reagent volumes, allowing for cost savings in some workflows
  • Real-time monitoring allows automated systems to adapt as needed, adjusting assay throughput or sample capacity to ensure consistent and predictable results
Diagnostics: Economic Stability

Laboratory automation is more than just instruments — a tried-and-true software solution is essential for scheduling and coordinating integrated workstations. Let the Biosero team show you how our Green Button Go® software and custom system design can help your team generate more robust results while keeping costs in check.

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