Compound Management

Flexible end-to-end workflow solutions for compound management

Compound management systems are essential to modern drug discovery

Managing drug discovery programs includes screening large numbers of compounds in an effort to identify potential drug candidates. This results in the need for screening systems that accurately manage and deliver large compound libraries in a time-controlled way.

Rely on Green Button Go® Scheduler for best-in-class compound management solutions. Green Button Go Scheduler provides unparalleled design and customization opportunities, thanks to its flexibility and agnostic approach.

Our device agnostic approach makes it easy to conditionally handle and manage large labware libraries, allowing labs to combine compound management processes into larger, more complete workflows.

Laboratory test tubes

Concurrently manage a diverse range of labware types and densities

Green Button Go Scheduler is device agnostic to support a wide variety of compound storage options. The software can directly interface with both small and large capacity storage systems, permitting a seamless retrieval and presentation of compounds for downstream operations.

  • Powerful data management capabilities
  • Accurate compound delivery combined with secure tracking and inventory control
  • Built-in tools allow users to treat labware by type and density
  • Support for a complete range of labware types such as microwell plates, tubes, and vials
  • Enables multiple labware operations including de-capping/capping, sealing, de-lidding/lidding, volume scanning, weighing and more
Test tubes

Unique features for liquid handling operations

Green Button Go Scheduler supports an array of liquid handling options to address a wide range of research requirements. Our solutions provide user-friendly features to enhance liquid handling operations.

  • The Sequence Editor provides an easy-to-use interface for workflow and liquid handler processes
  • Robust software features deliver a highly-flexible, comprehensive solution for integrating complex liquid handling operations

Coordinated delivery of source compounds to destination targets

The end goal of drug discovery platforms is the reliable linkage of compound management systems with downstream assay processes. Acoustic dispensing offers many advantages in distributing compounds, including conservation of samples, a contact-free mode of delivery, speed, and minimization of both carry over and cross-contamination events.

  • Proven and extensive history of overseeing the successful execution of acoustic dispensing
  • Lab automation software that can access your compound work list and/or files for directing subsequent acoustic compound dispensing
Monitor Figure 03

Powerful tools for automating downstream assay workflows

Data management systems are being used increasingly to access both the state and quality of assay systems, which is of particular significance for cell-based assay platforms. The ability to manage real-time monitoring of cell confluency, viability, and other relevant biomarkers, plus the ability to automate routine cell culture maintenance, requires powerful scheduling software. Green Button Go Scheduler is purpose-built to meet these and other complex and emerging assay needs.

  • Proven capability working across numerous laboratory information management systems (LIMS) and other data management systems
  • Highly customizable plugins to connect to various LIMS systems including a lab’s own specific in-house LIMS system
  • Purposefully designed graphic user screens plus unique error handling features to dramatically reduce system interruptions and stoppages—especially in more complex systems
  • Open, flexible nature to enable the recovery and updating of legacy compound management systems
  • Unparalleled level of modularity for your compound screening platform
Monitor Figure 02

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