Science is constantly evolving. So is automation.

Create End-To-End Laboratory Workflows

Optimize your experiments and increase lab throughput —without sacrificing quality. Produce robust, automated results whether you’re performing nucleic acid extraction, running traditional high-throughput screening assays or designing cutting-edge detection kits.

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Groundbreaking Software That Multiplies Lab Productivity

Device agnostic Green Button Go® Scheduler improves and automates complex science workflows. Its sophisticated software tools and driver library support a wide range of scientific applications and methods. The software controls existing processes, from automating manual workflows to repurposing immunoassay automation, freeing you from doing manual work so you can spend your time on the meaningful research you do to make an impact.

Combining the tools to automate short-term and long-term planning, maintenance and decision-making events, Green Button Go Scheduler empowers you to make better decisions, in less time with more data. The easy-to-use interface guides scientists and researchers through the automation experience to create everyday success.

Genomics: Dynamic, flexible workflow controls

Increase your genomic analysis capabilities and produce robust, automated results

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Cell Biology: Maximize data management

Automate short-term and long-term planning, maintenance, and decision-making events

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Proteomics: Control the process

Automate complex protein science workflows with a robust driver library and advanced software tools.

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Compound Management: Flexible workflow solutions

A device agnostic approach combines unparalleled design with flexible, customizable applications.

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Application Stories

Our team of automation experts and scientists use a consultative approach that mitigates risks and focuses on solutions.

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