About Biosero

Biosero brings your automation vision to life, for life.

About Biosero

Our Vision

We are making laboratory automation easy to use, scalable, and adaptable for the vital work of scientific discovery.


We believe lab automation must be accessible and robust.


We believe that lab automation must be flexible enough to change as the research changes.


We believe in orchestrating the entire laboratory to bring lab processes, workstations, data, business rules, and personnel together to accelerate research.


We believe that the integration of automation software with best-in-class instruments and advanced analytics will produce superior results in an evolving world.

Our Why

We take pride in knowing that our customers have launched pharmaceuticals that cure Hepatitis C, reduce pain without addictive side effects, and save the lives of cancer patients – this is our WHY and what drives us at Biosero. We use technology to improve quality of life for humanity.

Our Why

Our History

Flag icon Founded in 2003, Biosero’s first project was to support a pharmaceutical company with lab automation. Since that time, we’ve been working every day to support scientists with automation that works.
Orchestrator icon In 2011, we added software to the hardware focus we’d had and launched Green Button Go. We saw an opportunity to help manage the hardware coming into the lab every day with scheduling software that is easy to use. Green Button Go has grown into a suite of programs capable of orchestrating the entire end-to-end workflow.
BICO icon In 2021, we joined BICO and are now part of the Bio-Convergence Revolution together with a suite of other companies that empower labs to approach research in new ways.
Future icon Our work accelerates research that delivers cures, and we look forward to supporting the life-changing research of tomorrow.

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Our Awards

Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) Wins
SLAS Lab of the Future

SLAS Europe 2024
SLAS 2024
SLAS Europe 2023

Multiple big award wins
Award PR Marketing 2022
Award Award Sammy 2022
Award Big Innovation 2023
San Diego Business Journal – Best Place to Work
Award SDBJ 2023
Award SDBJ 2022
Award SDBJ 2021
Award SDBJ 2020
Award SDBJ 2019

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