About Biosero

Biosero brings your automation vision to life, for life.


Automation for a Lifetime

Building on our extensive software technology stack, we rapidly develop innovative software solutions that integrate end-to-end workflows that multiply productivity in the lab. Biosero’s automation software is entirely agnostic and flexible, giving you a dynamic lab solution that is adaptable to your changing needs. Our team works collaboratively with you to alleviate the fears and risks of automation to deliver automation success every day.

On a Mission to Deliver Everyday Automation Success

Biosero’s mission is to provide software that enables scientists, researchers and engineers to use automation successfully every day. We believe the integration of automation software with best-in-class instruments and advanced analytics will produce superior results in an evolving world.

Whether you want to create a laboratory workflow together or put it in our trusted hands, Biosero works with you to bring your automation vision to life for life. Create flexible, life-long automation solutions that you and your team can use successfully every day to generate reliable data and increase throughput.

A Vision for a Futureproof Lab

Biosero envisions a laboratory environment where scientists are free to do vital work that addresses the most pressing scientific challenges of the day. Rather than spending time troubleshooting equipment and software, scientists and researchers accelerate their research by using automation to increase laboratory output, maximizing their valuable time and resources.

We envision a lab where black box software is obsolete – where automation is always scalable and adaptable to any new technology that is introduced to maintain the pace of discovery.

Company History

Biosero was founded in 2003 and is a privately-owned company based in San Diego, California, with offices in prominent regions worldwide. A leadership team leads the company with more than 150 years of collective experience in the life science and industrial markets.


Andrea Salazar

Chief Operating Officer

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David Dambman

Chief Technology Officer

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Ryan Bernhardt

Chief Commercial Officer

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Michelle Talarico

Chief Financial Officer

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Rob Harkness PhD

Managing Director - UK/EU

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Our Why

In 2018 we created The Why Project at Biosero. The idea started with a discussion about “WHY.” Why do we do our work? Why do we work at Biosero? Biosero team members shared their “WHY” statements with each other and it became clear that their work at Biosero has more profound meaning to them personally than just earning a paycheck.

As employees shared their WHY statements, there was a commonality. They are proud to be part of a company that accelerates research that delivers cures. We take pride knowing that our customers have launched pharmaceuticals that cure Hepatitis C, reduce pain without addictive side effects or save the lives of cancer patients – this is our WHY and what drives us at Biosero. The team at Biosero knows our efforts impact the speed of drug discovery. We make a difference!

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