Maximize the potential of the software to improve your lab operations.


As an automation visionary, you know the potential of Green Button Go® software. Biosero offers three training programs to help you maximize the potential of the software to improve your lab operations.

Training programs support users with beginner, advanced, and developer automation skills. These comprehensive, immersive sessions available in an in-person or virtual learning environment.

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Course Descriptions


Are you a new user of Green Button Go? Are you interested in building simple workflows? Green Button Go Introductory training will build a strong foundation for your current and future needs. Then, using the skills learned in Introductory training, the student will be able to construct basic workflows and troubleshoot more advanced workflows. This instruction includes multiple hands-on exercises with a capstone of a troubleshooting exercise, including everything covered during this session.

4 hours of instruction (1 day)

  • Introduction
  • Installing GBG
  • Drivers
  • File Locations
  • Creating a GBG Program
  • Storage Configurations
  • Instrument Pooling
  • Backup and Restore
  • Support Tickets
  • GBG Program Anatomy


Green Button Go intermediate training builds on the skills learned in the Introductory class. The student will develop complex workflows and variables. Then create screens that query the workflow end-user to make decisions on that input. This training will also allow open-ended method development based on real-world examples, ultimately preparing you for almost anything.

8 hours of instruction (2 days)

  • Introduction
  • Sequence-Based Drivers
  • Build a Workflow
  • Troubleshooting
  • Hands-on Troubleshooting
  • Robot Teach Pendant
  • Advanced Features

Scripting for the Advanced User

The Scripting for the Advanced User training will bring the student to new levels of what is possible. Students will learn scripting and best practices with hands-on exercises. Using the C# scripting functionality of Green Button Go, you will read and write to files, modify data tables, and build logic into your workflows.

4 hours of instruction (1 day)

  • Introduction
  • Scripting Best Practices
  • Hello Scripting
  • Using Script Data
  • Exercise
  • TCP/IP Example
  • Troubleshooting

21CFR11 Manager

The 21CFR11 Manager training is designed to familiarize you with the nuances of using the 21CFR11 Manager. Throughout this comprehensive course, you will be guided on establishing a system that adheres to regulatory compliance. The training aims to clarify the intersection of laboratory expectations and software capabilities, providing a clear understanding of their respective and overlapping roles. By the end of the training, users will be well-equipped to navigate the system effectively and comply with 21 CFR Part 11 standards.

2 hours of instruction

Prerequisites: GBG Intermediate Training, Current 21CFR11 Manager Customer

Training Dates

EU training times are available upon request

Course Date Location Time (Pacific)
Introductory Training January 10, 2024 Virtual 9am - 2pm PST
Intermediate Training January 11 - 12, 2024 Virtual 9am - 2pm PST
Scripting for the Advanced User January 17, 2024 Virtual 9am - 2pm PST
21CFR11 Manager January 19, 2024 Virtual 9am - 11am PST
Scripting for the Advanced User February 15, 2024 Virtual 9am - 2pm PST
Introductory Training February 21, 2024 Virtual 9am - 2pm PST
Intermediate Training February 22 - 23, 2024 Virtual 9am - 2pm PST

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