Biosero Acceleration Lab

See your automation vision come to life


Real-world automation at work

Biosero’s dynamic Acceleration Lab demonstrates how Green Button Go® software creates scalable, flexible, changeable end-to-end workflows. Visit in person at Biosero’s San Diego headquarters or take a virtual tour. At the Biosero Acceleration Lab, you will see how your automation vision will come to life.

Welcome to the acceleration lab

Automation – it’s intimidating. Even though automation has become much easier to use in the last decade, it certainly isn’t simple. The complexity of workflows has increased, and some automation builds are so expansive they cover the whole floor of a building.

The Biosero team welcomes customers, scientists, researchers, IT specialists and automation engineers to the Acceleration Lab. See Biosero’s agnostic philosophy at work as Green Button Go software runs an end-to-end laboratory workflow.

Besides being a live automation proving ground, the Biosero Acceleration Lab is a research and development space where you can meet Biosero’s application scientists, software developers and automation engineers for in-depth discussion and ideation.

Together with Biosero’s automation pioneers, we will explore product ideas and automation concepts that lead to better solutions, more reliable data, and fewer barriers between you and your results. Together we will bring your automation vision to life, for life.

What to expect during a virtual Acceleration Lab tour

During a virtual Acceleration Lab tour you will see mobile and stationary robots, automated incubators, liquid handlers, imaging systems and a wide variety of devices used in research and production labs.

More importantly, you will see what your future lab could be. Concepts such as remote management, mobile robotics, multi-workcell integration, low-code/no-code workflow design, data integration, environment monitoring and order management are on display in the Biosero Acceleration Lab.

Experience how our technology creates efficiency, increases throughput, and helps you achieve consistent, repeatable results every day.

Partner with Biosero

Partnering with Biosero, you can implement automation across your whole lab and scale it as much as you need to. See the concept at work at Biosero’s own Acceleration Lab.

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