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Multipath Scheduler Multipath Scheduler

Schedule and control multiple robots and transport systems simultaneously


Lab Transportation Extraordinaire

With the Multipath Scheduler extension for Green Button Go Scheduler, you gain advanced controls for transporting samples through the lab. Multipath Scheduler plots trajectories for each sample plate and identifies the optimal path free of traffic jams.

  • Transport samples between instruments
  • Automatically find optimal transport path
  • Manage various assays
  • Utilize a variety of transport methods
  • Control multiple robotic arms simultaneously and in coordination

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Multipath Scheduler is



Easy to use

Easy to use



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Orchestrating your discoveries

The Art of Robotic Movement

Multipath Scheduler extends Green Button Go Scheduler to control transportation systems of all sizes, ranging from small lab setups to complex enterprise-level biofactories.

Maximize efficiency
Maximize efficiency

Define optimal routes for movement of materials around platform based upon multiple sample and instrument access strategies

Track samples during movement
Track samples during movement

Track samples in the lab across different transportation mechanisms to avoid bottlenecks and deadlocks

Integrate all types of transportation systems
Integrate all types of transportation systems

Program transportation mechanisms of multiple transport systems such as mobile robots, robotic arms, and track-based conveyors to work simultaneously or incoordination

Compare the Same Run With and Without Multipath Scheduler

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