Scalable, flexible workcells for today and tomorrow


Maximize Productivity and Workflow Versatility

Biosero has developed integrated solutions and unique scheduling paradigms that enable laboratories the ability to maximize their productivity and efficiency by using the same automated solution to process a wide variety of assays with a varying number of samples; simultaneously.  Using Green Button Go Scheduler Extensions, such as MultiPath Scheduler, automated workstations within the laboratory can be leveraged by more than just a single group, for a single application, or an HTS process.  Regardless of sample throughput, Biosero is enabling laboratories to maximize the return on investment of their automation solutions by enhancing the versatility to process numerous workflows, across multiple areas of application, for a variety of scientists; all in harmony with one another.

Scalable, Flexible Automation

Collaborate with Biosero to create a flexible, life-long solution that your scientists and researchers can use successfully every day to generate reliable data and increase throughput.

Freedom To Do More Vital Work

Partnering with Biosero, you can implement automation across the whole lab and scale it as much as you need to now or in the future. At the heart of every integration is the dynamic Green Button Go® Scheduler. We deploy our open-platform solution to integrate manual processes, capture and contextualize data and automate instruments regardless of their manufacturer. Using a collaborative and consultative approach, Biosero helps you succeed by minimizing the risks associated with complex automation. Whether you want to create a laboratory workflow together or put it in our trusted hands, Biosero works with you to bring your automation vision to life, for life. We’ve brought dormant workcells to life in days and worked with top-ten global pharmaceutical companies to respond to the most pressing scientific challenges of the day.

Optimize Workflow

It starts with science. Our experienced team of application scientists, software, hardware and design engineers work collaboratively with your team to understand the scientific workflow you seek to automate. Our team asks you the right questions to determine the steps essential to meet your scientific process. Then we design a custom automation solution to achieve it – every time. Biosero can partner with you to implement automation across your whole lab and scale it as much as you need to now or in the future.

  • Simulate workflows and initiate time studies via Green Button Go Scheduler to ensure it will meet your time and throughput goals for processing
  • Design robotic automation and human-powered processes to work together
  • Determine methods to bridge manual processes to automated ones
  • Identify whether your workflow needs more, or less, equipment to be successful
  • Pinpoint and address bottlenecks

Integration Services

Biosero collaborates with your team to integrate end-to-end laboratory workflows that multiply productivity in the lab. Whether you want to implement and scale an automation platform across a whole laboratory, or create a compact workcell, our team of engineers can help with the physical assembly on-site, or at our factory. The team can also help you re-build or re-locate workcells in order to apply them to new applications and needs.

Biosero integrations services include:

  • Procure and test instrumentation and equipment
  • Suggest automation-friendly equipment and instruments for brand new builds
  • Design and assemble all the physical elements of the workcell – tables, equipment, hardware and electrical communications
  • Provide custom-engineered solutions

Validation & Testing

Biosero validates the quality and effectiveness of every custom integration according to its propriety testing process. This rigorous process ensures every aspect of the custom integration is successful. Every workcell built at Biosero is fully validated before it ships.

The Biosero team:

  • Ensures all components of the platform have been installed and configured properly
  • Configures Green Button Go software with the defined workcell processes
  • Exercises the instrumentation and workcell processes to validate performance and robustness

Additional testing services are also available.

Testing can take place at your site where the workcell is installed. Biosero Site Acceptance Test (SAT) validates that the workcell is operating as promised after installation at your lab and operating to the agreed-upon delivery standard.

Biosero also offers a Factory Acceptance Test. For the Factory Acceptance Test, we invite you to Biosero headquarters to walk through the software and workcell with a Biosero automation expert. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, and verify the system and software perform to your expectations before the workcell is shipped to your site.

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