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Workflow Conductor Workflow Conductor

Plan and direct workflows across your entire laboratory


Ready, Set, Go

With Workflow Conductor, operators have the ultimate portal to schedule and launch workflows as needed, day or night.

  • Launch workflows from anywhere, enabling remote start for lab operations
  • Submit jobs for immediate start or schedule them for a future start time
  • Link to LIMS, ELN, or external ordering system to allow for workflow launch through these systems
  • View the status of all orders with detailed information about submitter, project ID, assays and samples running, error notifications, estimated run time, run status, and more
  • View the entire audit trail of all processes run through Workflow Conductor in the past

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Workflow Conductor is

Accessible from Anywhere

Accessible from Anywhere

Easy to use

Easy to use



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Green Button Go Orchestrator

Orchestrating your discoveries

A Very Good Place to Start

Choose how you want to launch a workflow.

In the Lab or Remote
In the Lab or Remote
Immediately or Scheduled
Immediately or Scheduled
Type in Input or Bring in Data from a LIMS
Type in Input or Bring in Data from a LIMS

Track Every Detail

At any point, you can use Workflow Conductor to view the status of active orders or review the completed history.

Track every detail
  • Submitter
  • Project ID
  • Assays + samples
  • Errors
  • Time to completion
  • Experiment status
  • More

Zoom Out for the Big Picture

Once your workflows have run, analytics can be viewed in the Insights dashboard giving you a complete picture of all laboratory activity. With a clear view of manual and automated tasks, you’re in a prime position to make data-driven decisions about optimizing efficiency and running your lab.

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