Cell Biology

Managing the processes and data behind synthetic biology assays

Flexible Scheduling Tools for Modern Cell Biology

Schedule out weeks of media exchange and data collection processes, then react to that data in real-time with Biosero’s software solutions. Green Button Go® Scheduler provides the tools to automate the planning, maintenance and decision-making events of cell biology experiments. The user-focused interface allows the attention to remain on the task at hand while increasing throughput and contextualizing the generated data from start to finish.

green chloroplasts in plant cells

Simplify complex cell line development

There are various steps during cell line development that require multiple levels of user interaction, which can distract the user from analyzing important data or performing additional front-end tasks on the bench. Green Button Go Scheduler supports the entire ecosystem of this process, ensuring that the plate storage, imaging and liquid handling systems work together while retaining and contextualizing important validation data across multiple-week experiments.

Schedule and automate multipart assays and media exchange solutions

Successful experiments maximize the timing and environmental conditions for media exchange during cell growth—critical factors in drug discovery research. Green Button Go Scheduler can automatically coordinate these processes, ensuring they occur within their most effective time window, while also collecting and automatically reporting valuable system-sensitive data including temperature, media identification, and humidity/CO2 levels.

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Manage multiple experiments simultaneously with a smart scheduling solution

Managing several experiments and their assorted parameters over a long period of time can become complex and invite error unless properly managed. Get the most throughput out of your lab automation equipment with Green Button Go Scheduler. Thanks to its hardware-agnostic dynamic scheduling software, you can easily propagate and process multiple cell lines on the same lab equipment. Using Green Button Go Scheduler as a solution, labs can preserve all relevant instrument parameters required for a specific group of cell plates or dishes before using smart scheduling to ensure those variables are carried over at system runtime.

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