Announcing the Latest Green Button Go Orchestrator Upgrades

January 23, 2024  |  Product Updates

User Account Authentication and More Tools for Workflow Customization

This month, we’re rolling out new features in Green Button Go Orchestrator related to user management and designing workflows. It’s all about helping administrators and users of GBG Orchestrator get the most out of their tools.

Read on for more detailed descriptions of what’s changed in Green Button Go Orchestrator with this release, and reach out if you’re interested in an upgrade.

Improved Security in GBG with User Authentication

For anyone who administrates the users in GBG, we’ve now added support that will improve user security, accountability, and traceability throughout the lab. You can now require authentication when users login through existing Azure Active Directory credentials. When authenticated, all user information is tracked, including who places orders, resolves errors, and cancels orders.

To take advantage of these updates, version 1.3 of GBG Workflow Conductor and version 1.5 of GBG Data Services are required.

More Tools to Customize Workflows in GBG Orchestrator

We’re continuing to add to the ways that you can design unique workflows in GBG Orchestrator this month with three new tools.

  • Added support for a new workflow element called “Require Approval” that allows you to trigger a review point during the run. This element is useful in situations where you want to have the work double-checked before proceeding. You might want an extra pair of eyes if a step in the workflow is risky or it’s using expensive reagents. Now you can just drop in this new element to call for the review as a part of the workflow itself, manage the approval process within GBG Conductor, and be assured that the run will not progress until the needed approval is given and documented.
  • Added support for a new workflow element called “REST API Call” that can be used to place a custom API call in the middle of a workflow. The possibilities for more programming-savvy users are endless, but some great examples might be passing information to your LIMS in real time, querying for a status update from another system, or sending in-progress information to a dashboard you’re monitoring. These types of communications can now be triggered automatically by the workflow to passively deliver the information needed while the run is in progress.
  • Added support for order prioritization that allows you to give the orders you choose a higher priority. These “Elevated” orders will be moved to the top of the queue to ensure that the highest prioritized work is completed first. This is a handy tool for labs that receive many requests. Now you can rely on GBG to execute in your preferred order on the fly as changes to the order queue are made.

To take advantage of these updates, version 1.3 of GBG Workflow Conductor and version 1.5 of GBG Data Services are required.

Upgrading Your Apps

If you’re interested in upgrading to the latest version of Green Button Go Orchestrator with these features, reach out.

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