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February 24, 2021  |  Learn

Automation scheduling software: Determining what solution is right for your lab

Over the last 30 years, laboratory automation software has advanced from a sequential batch process software to controlling a handful of instruments through solutions that can optimally schedule workflows, including multiple robotic components and vast amounts of data. But one common theme has remained – automation it’s intimidating. Even though automation is easier to use […]

November 30, 2020  |  Learn

7 tips to re-open and revitalize your equipment as you re-open the laboratory

COVID-19 has brought changes to everyone’s lifestyle whether at home or work. Some good, some bad, some ugly! Early this year, when laboratories unexpectedly shut down, many scientists were unable to return to the lab. With instruments and assays still running, equipment was silenced without proper cleaning. Now as labs re-open, devices will likely need […]

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