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COVID-19 Testing: Making an Error-Prone Process Reliable

PRINTABLE VERSION By Donald Chow, Global Applications Scientist, Biosero The coronavirus pandemic has driven much-needed innovation, particularly in diagnostic testing. For businesses, schools and other facilities to reopen safely, COVID-19 testing has become routine practice. As a result, labs are working overtime to conduct polymerase chain reaction (PCR) diagnostic testing to meet this increased demand.

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Automating Protein Purification, Accelerating Antibody Discovery

Printable Version Proteins, particularly antibodies, have tremendous research and clinical value, but growing and purifying them can be challenging. To isolate proteins of interest, and produce sufficient yields for ongoing study, labs must carefully remove genetic material, extraneous proteins and other molecules. The process is not unlike panning for gold. Once a protein is isolated,

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Automation Software Improves Speed and Accuracy of Cell Line Development

PRINTABLE VERSION High-throughput screening is a mainstay for cell line development. However, the complex instruments used for high-throughput methods have many moving parts, and automation is essential to streamline and accelerate the process. By minimizing human intervention, sophisticated software can simplify workflows, decrease errors and free up laboratory staff for other tasks. Still, early efforts

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Analytical Chemistry Lab in Cannabis Market Decreases Processing Times by 94% with Lab Automation Software

PRINTABLE VERSION The cannabis industry is on track to exceed $40 billion in sales worldwide by 2024, according to Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics. Countless medical benefits, easy-to-use applications and life-changing stories have helped derail old stereotypes and build respected legitimate businesses. With increasing social acceptance, variety and access, cannabis products are now evaluated

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