What is Green Button Go?

July 1, 2024  |  Learn

Green Button Go (GBG) Orchestrator is an advanced laboratory automation software suite developed by Biosero, designed to streamline and optimize laboratory workflows. It integrates various lab instruments and devices into a cohesive and efficient system, providing a robust solution for managing complex lab operations.

Core Components of Green Button Go Orchestrator

The Green Button Go Orchestrator unifies many discrete aspects of lab operations. This modular software suite enables users to plan, schedule, execute, and optimize their entire workflow. It combines real-time monitoring, long-term analytics, workflow management, device integration, and consumables tracking in a single ecosystem. Let’s explore the core components of the system.

Green Button Go Scheduler

This application enables users to schedule and execute processes on integrated platforms. It ensures automated steps in a workflow are coordinated and run smoothly. Green Button Go Scheduler is essential for maintaining an organized and timely automated workflow within the laboratory setting.

Green Button Go Insights

This application offers a comprehensive dashboard that visualizes all ongoing processes. Green Button Go Insights enables lab managers to monitor performance in real-time, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions to improve efficiency based on historical productivity data. It serves as a critical tool for maintaining high standards of productivity and accuracy in the lab.

Green Button Go Lab Experience

This application focuses on capturing and digitizing manual tasks and data. By providing digital records of laboratory activities, it enhances traceability and compliance with regulatory standards. Green Button Go Lab Experience also aids in minimizing human error and improving overall data integrity.

Why Choose Green Button Go?

Green Button Go is a versatile automation software platform designed to enhance efficiency and productivity in various laboratory settings. Examples of these environments include pharmaceutical, biotechnology, clinical, industrial, and environmental labs. By automating repetitive tasks, GBG frees up human resources for more complex activities, ensuring consistent and accurate results. Its integration capabilities allow seamless compatibility with a wide range of lab instruments and systems. Therefore, it can provide a unified platform for lab automation. The software’s customizability enables users to tailor workflows to specific needs. This makes it a valuable tool for any lab aiming to optimize operations and increase throughput.

Green Button Go also offers robust data management and analysis features, facilitating real-time monitoring, seamless data integration, and enhanced decision-making. Its automation capabilities significantly reduce human errors, ensuring reliable and standardized procedures across experiments. This leads to long-term cost savings by optimizing resource usage and reducing operational costs. Additionally, GBG can support regulatory compliance through detailed logs and reports through the 21CFR11 Manager extension, ensuring that all processes meet industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Product Updates and Training

Biosero frequently updates Green Button Go’s software to incorporate new features and enhancements that address evolving laboratory needs. The updates ensure that the software remains at the forefront of laboratory automation technology. Green Button Go offers users the latest tools and capabilities for optimizing their workflows.

To help users maximize the potential of Green Button Go, Biosero offers comprehensive training programs. These programs are designed for users at different levels of expertise, from beginners to advanced users and developers. Training sessions are available both in-person and virtually, making them accessible to a wide range of users. The programs cover various aspects of GBG, including installation, workflow development, troubleshooting, and advanced scripting.

  1. Introductory Training: Aimed at new users, this program builds a strong foundation in GBG. It covers the basics of installation, creating programs and troubleshooting simple workflows. This training is essential for users who are starting with Green Button Go and want to develop their skills gradually.
  2. Intermediate Training: Building on the introductory course, this program delves into more complex workflows and variable management. Participants learn to create sophisticated workflows and troubleshoot more advanced issues. This can prepare them for a wider range of scenarios in the lab.
  3. Advanced User Scripting: This course is for experienced users who want to harness the full potential of GBG through scripting. Using C# scripting, participants learn to read and write files, modify data tables, and incorporate logic into their workflows. This training enables users to customize and extend the capabilities of GBG to meet specific laboratory requirements.
  4. 21CFR11 Manager: This specialized training focuses on the regulatory aspects of laboratory operations, particularly compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 standards. It provides users with the knowledge and skills needed to ensure their systems meet stringent regulatory requirements, thereby enhancing the reliability and legality of their laboratory processes.

Interested in Implementing Green Button Go In Your Lab?

Green Button Go Orchestrator is a powerful and versatile tool for laboratory automation, offering a range of components that integrate and optimize lab workflows. Through continuous updates and robust training programs, Biosero ensures that users can fully leverage Green Button Go’s capabilities to enhance their laboratories’ productivity, accuracy, and compliance. Whether you are a new user or an advanced developer, Green Button Go provides the tools, software, and support needed to transform laboratory operations and achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Reach out to Biosero to learn more about how Green Button Go can help you speed up your discoveries.

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