Stay on Top of Lab Activity with New Green Button Go Data Services Feature

December 13, 2022  |  Product Updates

Ever find yourself running around the lab, trying to access the information you need from different systems and instruments?

Sound familiar? We get it. Having to request information all the time or getting the wrong data in response is burdensome and wastes time. That’s why we’re rolling out a new feature to our Green Button Go Data Services application that will make it much easier for Green Button Go customers to stay on top of what’s going on in the lab and get their data when they need it: webhooks.

How webhooks fit into Data Services

The big change that we’ve made with Green Button Go Data Services version 1.1 is the addition of webhooks, which provide a more seamless way for lab applications to communicate with each other. Within Data Services, there are over 40 different types of event triggers to push that information out to another location.

Once implemented, webhooks can be registered for specific lab events so the Data Services application knows what to watch for and where to push information when it comes through. It makes sure that all the information scientists want goes exactly where it’s needed. Scientists can modify webhooks as needed, including changing some parameters and endpoints or enabling or disabling them.

Data Services

How webhooks can help you achieve your data goals

Webhooks are an easy way for you to get access to the data you already have as fast as possible, through the lab systems where you need the data. We currently have 41 event types that a customer can create webhooks for based on common scenarios scientists want to track, such as instrument errors, sensor measurements, canceled jobs, and changes in instrument status. Also, advanced users have the ability to define custom events for other scenarios.

This update will be a boon for customers who have a strong in-house IT support team since webhooks are standard in many systems.

Examples of how webhooks can help in the lab

Tracking sample activity: If a user wants to be informed anytime that a specific sample ID or compound is accessed or used, they can subscribe to that event and get an alert whenever it occurs. They no longer have to log into the system and specifically search for it from Data Services.

Tracking tare weights: Imagine a scientist wants to be informed about container tare weights when they come in so they can be tracked in the LIMS. They can register a webhook with Data Services to push a payload of information to the LIMS including details such as the barcode, measurement, date, and time of the event whenever new containers come in. All that information can be cataloged in the LIMS. Then Data Services waits for the next time it needs to pass on information about container tare weights and sends that along automatically.

Tracking instrument activity: Maybe a scientist wants real time notification any time that a specific instrument is utilized, is sitting idle for longer than a specified period of time, encounters an error, or has a service ticket generated. A webhook can now enable real-time streaming of any and all of these events that occur on the laboratory assets connected to Data Services.

Tracking consumable and reagent usage: In order to maximize efficiency and productivity, automated systems must stay properly stocked with the consumables and reagents that are needed to execute scientific processes. To help plan ahead and optimize operations, a webhook to Data Services can now be used to push notifications to operational staff or inventory systems about labware, reagent levels, and usage.

More about Green Button Go Data Services

Data Services is the heart of our Green Button Go Orchestrator suite. Think of it as the guiding hand behind all the different workcells in the lab. Information on every event that happens in the lab passes through the Data Services APIs, and is then stored in databases to be parceled out to other systems as needed. Applications that use more than one Green Button Go tool rely on Data Services to communicate with one another. Because everything flows through a single hub, we can capture and track all of the activities and data in the lab for audit purposes.

Want to learn more?

Our engineering team is always working on ways to make the user experience more seamless so that customers can use our solutions with confidence. Learn more about Data Services and get in touch if you have questions.

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