For the Third Year, Biosero Is Named a Best Place to Work in San Diego

December 22, 2021  |  Company News

For the third year in a row, the Biosero team is thrilled to announce that we have been named one of the Best Places to Work in 2021 by the San Diego Business Journal.

According to the San Diego Business Journal‘s website, the Best Places to Work in San Diego award “recognizes outstanding companies whose benefits, policies, and practices are among the best in the region.” We know that San Diego is home to a great many companies, so it is truly an honor to be recognized as one of the places where employees are happy and engaged in meaningful work.

The organizers of the Best Places to Work in San Diego also provide valuable employee feedback to companies from a questionnaire that asks team members for their perspectives. The survey asks about corporate culture, engagement, role satisfaction, and other factors.

This year’s survey asked employees about their company’s COVID-19 response. This is an area where Biosero was a standout. Like many companies, we made adjustments to the way we worked to keep everyone safe during the pandemic, including those team members who had to keep coming to work in person. According to the survey results, 91% of Biosero employees agreed or strongly agreed with our response to COVID-19. Also, 96% of employees agreed or strongly agreed that we responded to the outbreak in a way that demonstrated concern for employees’ wellbeing. And even though we could not all be together in our San Diego office, 83% of our team still felt connected to their colleagues.

But don’t take it from us. Here’s what our employees said in their own words:

“Biosero continues to make strides to support employees through the pandemic and is very considerate of concerns and continued struggles.”

“In my opinion, the company did a great job of handling the COVID pandemic.”

“As an essential business during the pandemic, we had a moral responsibility that required many of us to work on-site. Biosero, to its credit, maintained strict protocols and policies that, though inconvenient, created a very safe work environment.”

And members of our team were also proud to work for an organization that supported the scientists who were fighting the virus.

As one team member said, “Biosero has been at the forefront of working with COVID-19 research organizations and testing labs. We built and delivered laboratory automation solutions that helped scientists identify key Spike protein characteristics that helped direct therapeutic strategies. Additionally, we built and installed multiple large scale, high throughput COVID PCR testing systems.”

Here are some other reasons why our employees enjoy working here:

Making a difference. Our people are passionate about coming to work because they are motivated by the opportunity to support transformative biomedical science research. On a daily basis, we work with customers who are developing new treatments for cancer and many other diseases. We are also motivated to take on tough challenges. As one Biosero team member said, the next goal for Biosero is to “cure [COVID-19] with one of our customers!”

Our core values. We have a set of core values that we strive to embody as an organization. We are clear on what those values are and what they mean for members of our team. In our hiring process, we look for people who have the skills we need and whose personal values align with ours.

Open communication and cooperation. We value the perspectives of our employees. Our team members are encouraged to give feedback and share their ideas. Current employees also have a voice in our hiring process; they have an opportunity to meet with potential employees and ask them questions, and they can vote on who the best candidate would be.

Creativity. We encourage our employees to do their best and work autonomously. Our employees are free to think creatively and come up with solutions. Of course, others on the team are always willing to step in and help answer questions or troubleshoot problems.

Wellness and community. Our employees have access to a benefits package that includes full medical coverage, paid time off for community service, fitness facilities, and wellness programs. We also planned fun online activities during the pandemic to build a thriving remote work culture and community among our employees.

At Biosero, we have worked hard to cultivate a company culture that is supportive and engaging for our employees. That’s why our team members are so satisfied. If that sounds like a place where you’d thrive, check out our job listings.

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