Biosero webinar: Integrating laboratory automation software for data-driven decision making

August 25, 2020  |  Press Release

SAN DIEGO – August 25th, 2020 – Biosero concludes its “Automate Your Lab with Software for Data Decisions” webinar series with an inside look at how laboratory automation software enables pharmaceutical manufacturers to make complex decisions in less time while upholding quality assurance and data tracking.

Biosero and its customer Eli Lilly and Company invite pharmaceutical and biotech executives, laboratory managers, scientists, researchers and automation engineers to the webinar, “Actionable Insight into Your Automation Data with Green Button Go™ Software,” Thursday, September 17, 2020, at 11 a.m. EST. Register for the complimentary webinar at

Ryan Bernhardt, Discovery Automation Group Leader and Kahveh Saramout, Senior Robotic Applications Engineer, from Eli Lilly and Company will share how the pharmaceutical company leverages Green Button Go Automation Scheduling Software to streamline laboratory performance and data analytics.

“Data is critical as researchers build a store of data about samples and process monitoring that will be subject to thorough review and compliance measures,” said Bernhardt. “When labs use automation, they can gather,synthesize and analyze data more quickly and use it to make better decisions.”

During the webinar, David Dambman, Chief Technology Officer at Biosero, will also discuss how lab automation software elevates processes to:

  • Streamline data analysis to capture, contextualize and manage data at every level of operation
  • Generate data traceability among manual,semi-automated and fully automated workflows
  • Improve lab operations and processes to scale intelligently

After the presentations, Bernhardt, Saramout and Dambman will lead a live Q&A session for a more personalized discussion on how lab automation transforms dynamic data into actionable information.

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