Biosero provides free Green Button Go software license for COVID-19 response efforts

March 26, 2020  |  Company News

At Biosero we are eager to help you get the answers that will prevent the spread of the global pandemic COVID-19. Biosero provides an essential service to the life science industry in the joint fight against COVID-19 – automation software that accelerates research and discovery.

Biosero’s mission is to enable the worlds’ decision makers to make better decisions in less time, using more data. To deliver on that mission, Biosero is offering those of you on the front lines of the crisis the following support.

  1. Free Access to Green Button Go Software
    Biosero will provide a free license for any Green Button Go software platform and supporting modules for 6 months, at no charge, to any research team that will use the software in a direct effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Examples include testing, diagnostics and research efforts relevant to COVID-19.
    Please send an email to with an explanation of your project.
  2. Complimentary Automation Consultations
    Collaborate with one of Biosero’s robotics, automation, software, applications or technical experts to address the challenges you are facing now in your work to combat COVID-19. One of our specialists will review your requirements, determine whether you can use existing systems, or could benefit from a custom automated solution.
    Email and a member of our Applications Team will set up an assessment call to see if lab automation can solve your problem.
  3. Access to Technical Support
    Biosero Field Service Engineers and Software Support Specialists are available for telephone support, remote login and diagnosis.
    On-site support is also available for business-critical hardware failures. A Field Service Engineer can visit your site following protective measures established by Biosero and your organization. Contact us with your support request at

Biosero Acceleration Lab 3 Green Button Go

This is a fight, a fight against a very difficult viral opponent. While our employees are observing all local and state recommendations to shelter in place, we continue to provide mission-critical operations to support your efforts in the fight.

Working together we are confident that there will be better therapies and a cure for COVID-19 soon.

Tom Gilman

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