Biosero donates to Team Inspiration

September 30, 2020  |  Company News

As a part of our community outreach, it is a privilege to support a young group of aspiring engineers! We are excited to make the donation of old robots from Precise Automation, Peak Robotics, and KBiosystems as well as monetary support of $2500, making Biosero a Gold Sponsor, to aid in broadening their STEM experiences. Team Inspiration is a group of high school and middle school students who recently won an automation competition, Robosub, where they competed against many prestigious universities all around the world. Read more about their accomplishments here.

Team Inspiration’s mission is to: To learn, to share, to innovate, to inspire! When the team came to Biosero office to accept their donation, it was inspiring to see their excitement and interest in the robot parts. They were even taking them apart before they made it into the van! It was amazing to hear how the COVID-19 environment has not deterred them from studying and how they have taken hygienic precautions and gone virtual to plan and work on their design projects.

They have been featured for their innovative work on ABC 10 news and a CBS 8 demo in a pool.

Learn more about their accomplishments and goals on their website:

Team Inspiration

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