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2021 Webinar – April 7, 2021 | Corey McCoy, Lead Software Engineer, Biosero

Join us as we discuss the latest advancement for Biosero’s Green Button Go® Automation Scheduling Software. Green Button Go software is a device-agnostic platform that fully automates equipment, increasing output and producing reliable data for analysis. The newest release of Green Button Go software will add transparency to your laboratory operations with an intuitive, comprehensive view of scheduled processes. From intuitive user interaction to a new calendar view of your scheduled workflows, Green Button Go software now guides scientists and engineers through the automation experience, empowering control of timing and scheduling for lab experiments, ensuring everyday automation success. The new, informative schedule tab in Green Button Go software provides transparency across all your scheduled work, allowing you to schedule the runs in advance, and all the scheduling paradigms can be addressed in one interface. Corey McCoy, Lead Software Programmer at Biosero, will introduce Green Button Go software and walk you through the latest innovation. See how Green Button Go software can improve your walkaway time so that you can focus on the imperative work of analysis.


Corey McCoy, Lead Software Engineer, Biosero
Since 2011, Corey has contributed to all major development initiatives for Biosero’s Green Button Go software and is currently a development manager for the product. This includes building the product roadmap, overseeing testing and bug resolution. Previously, Corey has been a programmer for Biosero and has worked with enterprise and small-scale customers to deliver automation solutions.


Ruth Petersen, Director of Marketing, Biosero
Ruth Petersen is the Director of Marketing at Biosero. After obtaining a Bioengineering degree from the University of California, San Diego, she joined Aurora Biosciences, developing instrumentation for automating 3456-well microplates. In the years since, Ruth had various roles working for Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Velocity11, Agilent Technologies, Bionex Solutions, Labcyte, and Beckman Coulter Life Sciences. Ruth’s passion for automation continues at Biosero with Green Button Go software.

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