Frequently Asked Questions


How to Obtain a Quote for Biosero Service and Service Agreements?

Service Quotes

  • Initiate a support request from this website
  • Open a Support Ticket from within the Green Button Go® software
  • Or email
  • If your request is not covered under warranty or service agreement, we will respond with a service quotation.

Service Agreements

  • Please email and include any details on your system software and hardware. Our Inside Sales Manager will contact you quickly to define options and prepare a proposal.

Request Biosero Support

There are three primary methods to reach Biosero Service:

  • Open a Support Ticket from Green Button Go software; Click on Request Support within the Support Section of the Tools menu in Green Button Go software (requires version 5.1 or higher). Alternatively, if you experience an error inside of Green Button Go software (version 5.1 of higher), click the “Report to Biosero” button on the error dialog box to open a contextualized support ticket in our service tracking system.
  • Open a support ticket from this website
  • Email
  • If you are located in North America, you may also call 1-833-GBG-CALL (424-2255).

Service Term Definitions

Priority Response — Shortened time between receipt of a support request and initiation of support provided to Basic and Premium agreement customers.

Business Hours — Biosero support business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, excluding holidays.

Planned Maintenance — Scheduled inspection and check of equipment, including proactive replacement of wear items. Software and certain equipment types are not relevant for planned maintenance. Contact Biosero for information on specific equipment covered by Planned Maintenance.

Software Updates — Minor version numbered updates to Green Button Go software and associated plug-ins, which typically include hot fixes, bug fixes, and minor functionality improvements. Software updates may also be defined as corrections and improvements to device drivers. Minor version updates are released as required.

Software Upgrades — Major, full version upgrades to Green Button Go software, including new features and functionality, upgrades to (purchased) plugins, and support for newly available Green Button Go plugins. Major version upgrades are typically released annually.

Device Driver — Device driver is defined as a software component that allows a user to control a specific electronic or electro-mechanical device through Green Button Go software.

What Types of Instrumentation Does Biosero Service?

The Biosero Service team offers factory-authorized support and service agreements for most makes/models of robots, as well as selected sealers, barcode labelers and readers, peelers, liquid handlers, and environmental cabinets. See the FAQ “Does Biosero offer service agreements on entire systems/workcells?” for more information about agreements covering full workcells operated by Green Button Go software or contact us for specific standalone instruments that qualify for service agreement coverage.

How Can I Get an Upgrade to my Biosero Software?

We recommend purchase of Biosero Software Service agreements, which include Green Button Go software and Green Button Go Plugin upgrades, as the most cost-effective method to keep your Green Button Go current. Contact Biosero Sales at if you prefer to purchase new versions without support.

Can I Change my Green Button Go Driver(s) for a Different Instrument Driver?

New Green Button Go software Drivers typically require purchase, however if you have purchased annual Green Button Go software Driver subscriptions or a Green Button Go premium software service agreement, you can receive up to (4) device driver exchanges within a 12-month contract period; limited to similarly-classified devices (standard or complex) for which Biosero has an existing driver (excludes new driver development).

Contact Biosero to verify coverage and details.

Where Do I Find My Green Button Go Software Version and License Information?

In Green Button Go software, click “About” to display your version number. Further information on your license can be determined by Biosero support when needed. Please contact and include a screen shot of the About page for details.

What is the Recommended Planned Maintenance Schedule for Robots?

As a workcell component under continuous mechanical use, robots are recommended for annual inspection and planned maintenance.

What are Biosero Rates for Time and Material Services if I Don't Have Warranty or Agreement Coverage?

  • Dispatch/Travel Fees are a flat fee per visit and based on geographic location. They currently range from $725 to $1,895.
  • Labor is billed hourly, starting at $400 for remote support and $430 for standard on-site support with a 2- and 4- hour minimum, respectively.
  • On-site applications support, on-site training, and integrations support services range from $475 to $975 per hour and may also be quoted on a daily basis.
  • We also offer flat fee PM service on robots and select instrumentation.

Contact for a detailed quote.

What is required for a Biosero Green Button Go Software remote support session?

Remote sessions require the system to be connected to the internet. The Biosero preferred method of remote support utilizes the TeamViewer application. You may download the remote client application from Further instructions for an actual support session will be provided when we receive your support ticket request.

If your organization restricts or prohibits TeamViewer, a more limited remote session can be arranged using most common webinar/teleconference applications.

Is there any recommended routine maintenance for Green Button Go Software?

Though not required, best practice is to perform a computer restart once per week. Regular reboots help assure all third-party software runs optimally. We also recommend archiving Green Button Go software log files at regular intervals. Your system configuration and usage levels determine how frequently to perform log file archives. Contact Biosero Support for specific recommendations for your system, or for advice on scripting auto-archives within Green Button Go software.

How do I save a backup of my Green Button Go Software installation?

Biosero recommends regular application backups, especially before modifying methods and settings.

If you are running Green Button Go software version 5.1 or higher, click “Create Restore Point” from the Support Section of the Tools menu.

If you are running an earlier version, click “Archive/Restore Program” under the Tools menu to save a partial application backup of methods only. Contact Biosero support if you would like detailed instructions to make a complete backup of Green Button Go software in versions prior to 5.1.

Does Biosero offer service agreements on entire systems/workcells?

If your system is operated by Green Button Go software, we are pleased to quote full workcell Basic Service Agreement or Premium Service Agreement coverage from Biosero. We are factory authorized for service of a variety of robots and laboratory equipment and can include contracted OEM service for one-stop service agreement purchase for any additional instruments on your workcell with immediate response by Biosero specialists to analyze and address your issues. Please contact for a system agreement quotation.

How many copies of Green Button Go Software may I install?

Green Button Go software installations are limited to one copy or computer per license, though duplicate copies may be installed on the same computer to separate development and production usage. Green Button Go software Simulation licenses are available to purchase for additional computer installations.

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