Biosero releases mid-year Green Button Go software upgrade that improves accessibility in the lab

September 12, 2020  |  Company News

Biosero’s annual minor release of its Green Button Go™ Automation Scheduling Software is now available and features immediate access to technical service and software support.

“You can have the best automation in the world, but if you don’t have the proper tools to service and support it, you can’t properly use it,” said Corey McCoy, Lead Software Engineer, Biosero. “As a result of high-quality customer feedback, the Green Button Go software mid-year release improves accessibility and overall user experience to minimize troubleshooting and error recovery time in the lab.”

Monitor Figure 2

User Support and Feedback are Hallmarks of Software Minor Release
Offering fast, reliable and high-quality quality technical support, the upgraded laboratory automation software now has additional functionality:

  • Request Support – The new request support tool auto-populates a detailed report to keep laboratory software running. Users can report and package Green Button Go software files for specific troubleshooting and technical support from the Biosero service team.
  • Create Restore Point – Prepare for computer updates or a potential crash by creating a full backup of the software, driver set and settings as well as specific programs and methods. The restore point tool transfers Green Button Go software files off the local computer for safekeeping and gives users the ability to revert to a previous scenario or setup.
  • Feature Request – Submit and share insight for improvements, new features and tools for a feature edition of Green Button Go software. Users can provide images and descriptions of their desired software requirements with the GBG Feature Request form.
  • Feedback – People can rate their overall Green Button Go software experience and recommend additional service and software upgrades.

Improved User Experience with Screen Control Focus
Green Button Go software 2020 Minor has a focus order tool for entering low-throughput microplates with a manual barcode scanner. In the absence of a mouse or keyboard, users can set up a screen for hand-held barcode scanning without using an input device.

For more information and to schedule a complimentary demonstration of Green Button Go software, contact

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