An Ode to the Dockless Cart

June 2, 2022  |  Technology

Our scientists are always coming up with modular, flexible solutions that make working in the laboratory much easier. From conversations with customers, it’s clear that transporting samples, consumables, and instruments in the lab can be a hassle. To answer the challenge, we created a vision-guided dockless cart that can increase convenience and usability for scientists in the lab.

Gone are the days when scientists have to install conveyor belts and robotic arms right next to liquid handlers and other instruments. With dockless carts, scientists can freely experiment with different lab layouts and formats. These carts can seamlessly move hundreds of samples from one workstation to the next with no human intervention and no need to dock the cart in place.

Here are just some of the features of dockless carts:

  • No fixed hardware, physical docks, attachments, or tubing required
  • Robotic arms can easily load labware from the benchtop onto the cart for easy transport
  • Equipped with a vision-guidance system so no reattaching of robotic arms or fine-tuning is required when it moves to a new workstation
  • A built-in hydraulic system and an uninterruptible power supply keep the cart moving so it’s always on and connected to the lab’s automation system
  • Connect instruments and workstations as needed
  • Since there are no physical connections required, scientists can use carts interchangeably as needed

Dockless carts are one more tool to help scientists integrate various devices and instruments in the lab. Want to learn more?

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