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We are pleased to announce that Biosero is now part of BICO!

Our team has joined the international BICO organization, and we believe this will enable us to accelerate our mission to serve our customers, expand our team, strengthen our resources, and reach more laboratories with Biosero-powered scientific innovation.

Biosero will continue its instrument-agnostic approach to laboratory automation, delivering industry-leading software for orchestrating and scheduling robots, instruments, and workstations. Customers will get the same dedicated service and support that you’ve come to expect.

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Q: How will this deal affect Biosero?
A: Joining BICO will give us the resources we need to add new team members and scale more quickly. This will allow us to deliver better service to more customers.

Q: How will this change affect my site’s support and service?
A: Biosero will continue with normal operations, and your service and support teams will remain the same. Customers will see positive changes in how we work with and support them.

Q: What does BICO do?
A: BICO is committed to creating the future of health by converging biology and technology. Taking innovative and customer based approaches to design hardware solutions that are complimented with intuitive software to accelerate research across the life sciences. The company, based in Sweden, has acquired a number of subsidiary businesses that focus on key application areas like next generation omics, cell line development, tissue engineering and diagnostics.

Q: Going forward, will Biosero only work with instrumentation sold by other BICO companies?
A: No. We will continue all regular operations, servicing, and working with any type of instrumentation that’s best for our customers.

Q: What should I do if I have more questions?
A: Reach out to your local sales representative. We’re here to help, and we appreciate your continued business.

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