Green Button Go Training – Developer


Green Button Go® software developer training is a 3-day course for anyone who has programming experience and is responsible for customizing Green Button Go software automated workflows. Participation in Basic + Advanced Training is required to register for this class.

This training covers:

Driver Development

  • Using the Visual Studio Driver template
  • Building simple single, complex and multi-nest drivers

Develop Plugins

  • Add workflow commands, tools and settings
  • Messaging and logging system hooks
  • Runtime database interface
  • Program interaction and remote interfaces
  • Build sample plugins for customized error handling, GUI interaction, custom logging and text-to-speech


  • Getting and setting variables
  • Reading and writing to runtime data tables
  • Script-level instrument interface
  • Ready evaluation scripting
  • Common scripts scenarios

Resources Provided

  • Visual Studio Driver project template
  • SDK documentation for driver and plugin development
  • Core API documentation
  • Sample driver and plugin projects

To register for the class, contact us at training@

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