Green Button Go Training – Basic + Advanced


Green Button Go® software basic + advanced training is a 3-day course for users who develop, maintain, and troubleshoot Green Button Go software for workcells.

This training covers:

Software Installation

  • Install and register software and drivers
  • Start a program from scratch
  • Teach a robotic arm to work with the software
  • Add instruments

Develop Methods

  • Create and modify layouts
  • Configure instruments and storage
  • Set up a robot arm and processes
  • Employ process configurations

Schedule & Run Simulations

  • Schedule scenarios
  • Run simulations and programs
  • Troubleshoot runtime issues
  • Simple error handling

Resources Provided

  • Green Button Go software installation and license
  • Example methods
  • Other helpful training documents

Advanced Method Development

  • Teaching robots
  • Storage management
  • Pooling instruments
  • Advanced process configurations using procedures variables, screens and scripts
  • Instrument and workflow processes

Teach Pendant Use

  • Setting locations
  • Interacting with hotels and stacks
  • Sequences

Runtime Troubleshooting

  • Customizing error handling
  • Runtime modifications and instrument control

Sophisticated Features

  • Modifying variable values
  • Modifying data tables
  • User account levels
  • Liquid Handler Driver logic

Resources Provided

  • Example script library
  • Example methods

To register for the class, contact us at training@

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