Why Biopharma Companies Choose Green Button Go to Manage Their Lab Workflows

January 25, 2023  |  Trends

We are always excited to hear from customers about how our solutions are helping them make important discoveries and develop new products. In a recent article, Kenji Tabata, senior vice president and head of discovery intelligence, applied research, and operations at Astellas, described how his company uses automation to accelerate development of cell- and gene-based therapies. He highlighted our Green Button Go® as crucial for running and managing complex cell culture workflows. You can read the full article here.

Drug discovery workflows can be very complex, involving many moving parts. Tracking all those samples and experimental steps manually is time consuming and inefficient. Rather than hiring more staff, many biopharma companies are turning to automation solutions such as Green Button Go to help them accomplish their research goals.

Astellas develops treatments for rare diseases. As part of its efforts, the company uses induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) cultures to generate target cells for testing treatments. To help with the complex process of culturing and differentiating iPSCs, Astellas built Mahol-A-Ba, a drug discovery platform that combines artificial intelligence, automation, and robotics.

The BioPharm International article provides key details about how each component of Astellas’ platform works. The Mahol-A-Ba platform features multiple robots as well as a high-content analysis system and data analysis software. These systems work together to perform experiments and capture large quantities of data that scientists use to predict the progression of differentiating cells over time. Having such a comprehensive system means that the company’s scientists have great tools to test their hypotheses and study the mechanisms of action of different treatments. They can delegate tedious tasks such as cell counting to machines and spend their time on higher-value jobs such as analyzing data or strategizing about new tests.

To make sure all those components work together seamlessly, Astellas relies on Green Button Go. Green Button Go integrates the automation processes that Astellas scientists use with its storage servers and security systems for retrieving and analyzing data. It also lets scientists manage the flow of information as well as track the movement of samples, reagents, and plasticware using robotic arms. Team members can be confident that their experiments are running smoothly even when they are not in the lab to oversee them.

We are so glad that Green Button Go has taken the stress out of managing lab workflows for scientists at Astellas. If you’re interested in learning about how Green Button Go can help your team make data-driven discoveries and get results faster, get in touch.

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