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Green Button Go® Orchestrator connects end-to-end laboratory workflows that integrate manual processes, automate instruments, and capture and contextualize data. Empower your scientists, researchers and technologists to make better decisions, in less time with more data.

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  • With one glance see real-time data from all workcells
  • Percentage of run complete on each workcell
  • Instrument utilization across several modules
  • Detailed feedback on uptime per unit
  • Workcell and instrument level errors in the event viewer


  • Find bottlenecks or unused capacity
  • Compare completed runs versus failed or canceled runs
  • Make process improvements based on device performance
  • Monitor workcell performance over time


  • Works in sync with Green Button Go® Scheduler 2020 release or later
  • PC specifications: Intel Core i5 processor with a minimum of 4GB RAM

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