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July 8, 2021  |  Technology

The team at Biosero decided to take full advantage of restrictions lifting throughout the country by having an in-person sales meeting at our headquarters in San Diego. It was the perfect time for us to get the growing team together; our customer-facing team has more than tripled in the last few months. In addition, we’ve started to publicize our Green Button Go® software suite that now extends beyond scheduling of single workcells and encompasses the entire laboratory ecosystem. We were eager to get the team together to discuss our recent successes and our plans for the next few quarters.


The sales meeting started with a tour of Eli Lilly’s Life Sciences Studio in San Diego, the world’s largest and most advanced research automation platform. Green Button Go® Orchestrator — a comprehensive laboratory workflow management solution — grew out of this project and is now being implemented in other life science companies to automate entire end-to-end lab workflows. It was exciting for new team members to see our software in action.

Biosero robot

The meeting included introductions to all our teams from Customer Success to Integrations, birthday celebrations, and a team BBQ. One highlight was a tour of our Acceleration Lab and meeting Yoda, our resident autonomous mobile robot – AMR. Yoda greets guests with a welcome and escorts them to the lab with some adrenaline-pumping walking music. Our Acceleration Lab showcases technology that we are currently implementing and innovations that we are developing with partners.

The three-day meeting was intense but getting a chance to connect with co-workers new and old was priceless.

team Biosero

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