See You in San Diego for SLAS 2023!

February 22, 2023  |  Team Biosero

The annual meeting of the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening has always been a great forum for connecting with people at the forefront of lab automation. It is also a fantastic opportunity to learn about innovative developments in the field and to discuss ongoing challenges that need to be addressed. Given the lineup of presentations, posters, and courses planned for the 2023 meeting, this year will be no exception.

We are excited to be exhibitors at this year’s meeting and to showcase some of the exciting projects we’ve been working on with our partners. Here are some great educational sessions you can look forward to at SLAS this year:

  1. Adapting to demand by orchestrating your lab
    Event details: February 27, 12pm – 1:30pm, Room 15B

    Lab orchestration has been a staple in industrial applications for decades. Now, these powerful tools have found a home in the life sciences, where they are helping researchers make new discoveries and work more efficiently. This tutorial will cover the basics of lab orchestration and explore how it gives scientists more control over their projects. Attendees will hear from automation experts at Invitae, DeepCure, and Metagenomi who are implementing orchestration solutions in their labs.

  2. AstraZeneca’s pursuit of next-generation technology: Unlocking the power of autonomous mobile robots (AMR)
    Event details: February 28, 2pm – 3pm, Room 16B

    Scientists need rapid access to compounds for their pharmaceutical research projects. To make this possible, compound management groups routinely re-evaluate their operating models and consider investing in new technologies that help them work more efficiently. A relatively recent entrant to this space, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), have the potential to transform pharmaceutical R&D without breaking the bank. This tutorial will focus on ways to reimagine current workflows using AMRs in ways that maximize existing resources while helping teams accomplish their goals.

  3. It’s time to think about automating data processes the way we automate wet lab processes
    Event details: February 28, 9am – 10am, Room 16A

    This tutorial focuses on implementing the digital backbone needed for automated workflows and data processing. They will cover a typical automated lab set up for biopharmaceutical assays that supports raw experimental data and metadata capture and analysis. The tutorial will also cover challenges with consolidating instrument output with sample information, and the use of analysis results in research project decisions among other topics.

  4. Development of an automated interface for LC instruments
    Event details: February 27, 4pm – 4:20pm, Solution Spotlight Theater

    Biopharmaceutical scientists already use automation for a variety of upstream and downstream processes in the lab. But there are still areas that could benefit from automation, such as ultra-performance liquid chromatography-based (UPLC) assays. UPLC assays are widely used to monitor critical quality attributes, but human intervention is still needed to move samples and sample data. This tutorial will focus on the development of the Water Portal, a solution for UPLC that incorporates automation solutions from Biosero.

We look forward to sharing how our automation solutions can make scientists more efficient and productive while reducing burnout. If you plan to attend SLAS, we hope you’ll join us for the tutorials and stop by booth 1729 to meet members of the Biosero team. You can see our mobile robots in action and also pick up some cool swag. We’d love to chat with you and answer any questions you have about our products!

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