Individual Custom Support Systems


Biosero service agreements provide value and ease of mind. When it comes to service, flexibility matters, so Biosero makes all its services available for individual purchase.

Because today’s automation solutions have to be scalable, changeable, and work for life we offer a variety of custom collaborative services to keep your automation dynamic when it’s time for a change or to re-purpose.

All services are offered by custom quotation and include travel fees, labor, required spare parts, and any applicable consultation fees.

Repairs and Calibrations

  • Remedial Repair of Instrumentation – Time and material repair of automation robots, scanners, and select laboratory instruments.
  • Instrumentation Planned Maintenance – On-site inspection and correction for wear and tear, proactive replacement of common spare parts, log file review, operational confirmation, and limited calibration of automation robots and select laboratory instruments.
  • Instrument Calibrations – Calibration for specific plate-types and solvents on select models of Acoustic Transfer System (ATS) instruments.
  • Green Button Go® Software and Instrument Driver Support – remote consultation for GBG driver issues and updates quoted to customers without software service agreement or software/driver subscription coverage.

Integration Support Services

  • Green Button Go software Scripting and Customization – Expert collaboration with Biosero Software Support Engineers to customize Green Button Go software to scale or modify your installation.
  • Workcell Upgrades and Repurposing – change out platform instrumentation, upgrade and improve workcells, bring dormant automation to life, convert existing automation to Green Button Go software operation, incorporate new scripts and workflows — we empower you to choose, and then provide the level of Biosero on-site support you need.
  • Workcell and Instrument Relocation Service – onsite support for physical relocation of installed instruments and workcells of any size with no system changes. Quotes include deinstallation, reinstallation, and operational confirmation at the new location.
  • Conversion of Integrated Systems to Green Button Go software – Install Green Button Go software onto existing workcells with the software change performed by expert Biosero engineers.
  • Operator Software Training – on-site training by Automation Field Service Engineers and/or Application Scientists for operators of installed Green Button Go software products.
  • Operator Robot Training – on-site training by Automation Field Service Engineers for operators of automation robots.

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