Our Core Values (or what it feels like to work at Biosero)

September 28, 2022  |  Team Biosero

Every company has a culture that is made up of values, either expressed or unspoken.

At Biosero, we want our values to run through everything that happens in the business, so we talk about them a lot! We hire people who share these values, we communicate individually and company-wide with these values in mind, and we provide ongoing training to give the team familiar tools and language to support these values.

It’s important for us to be intentional about core values because we aren’t going to let the currents of stress or the huge challenges we tackle as a business slow us down. We’ve built a diverse team of people from around the globe, and we need to unite to deliver superpowered automation to laboratories. Our culture is a considerable tool in how we get the job done together.

Biosero Core Values

Customers’ needs can change at any time, but our team is not deterred by evolving situations. We value the ability to shift gears quickly and support customers in any environment or circumstance.

Our team members care about supporting scientists and laboratories that are doing good science. They are also dedicated to Biosero’s mission and vision.

We are always open to new ideas and applying them to create solutions for our customers. Our team is eager to learn, open to feedback and constructive criticism, and willing to take the initiative.

We strive to help our customers achieve the best results in all their projects, no matter the obstacles.

We focus on productivity and the ability to work through distractions, whether it is helping a customer automate an existing lab process or troubleshooting a problem.

We approach solving problems and providing solutions by relating to customers, and for us, this means stepping into their shoes. We listen to our customers with openness and understanding, finding creative solutions that let them achieve their research goals as quickly as possible.

Transparency and integrity are crucial to any successful business. Cutting corners is not in our DNA. We conduct ourselves with professionalism and honesty.

We want to surround ourselves with people who are excited to come to work every day and make a difference for our customers.

A positive attitude creates a pleasant atmosphere for all team members. We’ve built a team that brings a “can do, will do” attitude to work every day — people who are eager to step in and get things done with a smile.

Biosero team members embrace ownership and independence, carrying projects to fruition. Team members are encouraged to take risks and acknowledge mistakes, seeing these as opportunities for growth. We have built trust not only among our team but also with our customers.

We thrive on solving problems, and we’ll use every tool in the box to make that happen. We don’t give up when faced with complex issues.

Our team members are experts in their respective fields. They keep up to date on recent trends, technologies, and methods, bringing that expertise to their work product and our customers.

If our core values resonate with you, we encourage you to check out our open roles.

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