Now Available: Green Button Go Scheduler 7.0

April 26, 2022  |  Technology

We are excited to announce the launch of version 7.0 of Green Button Go Scheduler software! This release has a new look and feel designed to make it even easier for users to navigate and understand these great laboratory automation tools. We focused on a few core design principles, including accessibility for all users and an intuitive user experience with a clear flow and context at all times.

Our goal is to make lab automation software for any lab, any device, and any user.

Here’s a quick rundown of the key updates in the new release. Please feel free to contact us or reach out to your usual Biosero point of contact if you have any questions.

Updated Color Palette

When you log into the latest version of GBG Scheduler, you’ll notice that we are using a new color scheme. We focused closely on color-safe design standards drawn from web content accessibility guidelines to ensure that our palette is clear for all users, choosing colors that have high text and background contrast ratios. The changes improve the usability of our software, making it easier for customers to read and interpret page content. The new color selections also enable vision-impaired users to more easily view screen content without having to change the contrast. We also used distinct colors for different instruments for at-a-glance visualization.

New Features

This latest software release also gives us an opportunity to showcase the new extensions available for GBG Scheduler, announced earlier this year at SLAS 2022. Scheduler is built with a modular framework that offers extensions for planning and scheduling tasks within and across workflows.

With Scheduler’s extensions, you have the ability to evolve scheduling paradigms for your application-specific needs. Learn more about extensions.

  • Batch Planner: Calendar and execute kinetic workflows at a specified frequency and duration with the Batch Planner extension. A trial version of Batch Planner is included with the installation of Green Button Go Scheduler.
  • Cell Maintenance Planner: Cell maintenance workflows are full of reoccurring tasks. The Cell Maintenance Planner extension allows the calendaring and execution of these tasks at a specified frequency and duration.
  • Multipath Scheduler: The Multipath Scheduler extension optimizes the scheduling and control of multiple robots and transport systems, simultaneously.
  • Assay Scheduler: Schedule and control multiple assays simultaneously with optimal efficiency, with the Assay Scheduler extension.

Quality of Life and Efficiency Improvements

With this release, we also focused on making it even easier to schedule and monitor instruments and processes. Some improvements in this version include:

  • Access to expanded and collapsed views for individual Instrument Pools and Storage Pools, or all Pools, in the Workcell Process Editor
  • Change processes during a run:
    • Disable an Instrument Process from your workflow during a run
    • Add a new Instrument Process to your workflow during a run
    • Receive a warning before deleting an Instrument Process during runs
  • Seamlessly transfer program data folders and settings between PCs
  • Removed ready/trigger evaluation options from startup and shutdown Instrument Processes to avoid seeing any unused functionality
  • Use the skip evaluation of an Instrument Process functionality to dynamically enable/disable processes during startup or shutdown

We know that when it comes to laboratory automation software, things just need to work. Period. Current users of Green Button Go Scheduler have come to trust that our tools offer superior control, efficiency, and performance. We are excited to release this new version prioritizing accessibility, and hope that it will provide an even better experience for our customers.

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