How do you choose the right laboratory automation solution

September 1, 2021  |  Technology

While the dream of an automated laboratory can be appealing, the actual implementation process – choosing the right robots, integrating the workflows, and managing it all through software – is often daunting. How do you choose the right approach for your lab?

Before incorporating any new automated technology, it’s important to visualize how it works and understand the benefits it will bring to your projects.  At Biosero, we believe that enabling customers to visualize the automation software in action is also of utmost importance.

the right laboratory automation solution

To help teams visualize how automation can be implemented in their labs now and in the future, we created the Biosero Acceleration Lab at our headquarters in San Diego. The Acceleration Lab is a development and demonstration environment for advanced life science automation and software systems where we invite customers to come in and see how these solutions work. We use state-of-the-art robotics with the world’s most advanced scheduling and workflow management software to test and demonstrate a broad range of solutions that help scientists detect, treat, and prevent disease. The Acceleration Lab is an ever-changing environment where we explore and share innovations and concepts. From mobile robotics, machine vision, and human-machine collaboration to lights-out automation, voice control, and end-to-end data integration, the Acceleration Lab gives you a preview of how automation can help you get to your goals faster.

The Acceleration Lab is also a way to collaborate with other solution providers to ensure our mutual customers have seamless solutions that meet their research needs. Our Green Button Go software solutions are device-agnostic, so we work with researchers to choose the best third-party instruments to suit their needs and then work directly with those third-party vendors to verify the integration before delivering the solution. We also use the Acceleration Lab to test integrations with customer-preferred data analysis systems and laboratory information management system (LIMS) software. Our goal is to establish innovative partnerships that allow our customers to implement their automation solutions quickly so they can concentrate on the science.

Whether you are new to laboratory automation or have been working with automation for years, the Biosero Acceleration Lab will get you excited about the future possibilities for your automation.

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