Announcing the Latest Green Button Go Orchestrator Upgrades

April 23, 2024  |  Product Updates

More Tools for Managing Orders, Transportation Methods, and More

This month, we’re rolling out new features in Green Button Go Orchestrator that give users more control over their orders and transportation options. We continue to be focused on releasing requested features that empower users of every level to get more from their automation.

Read on for more detailed descriptions of what’s changed in Green Button Go Orchestrator with this release, and reach out if you’re interested in an upgrade.

More Tools to Manage Orders

Each order in GBG Orchestrator is a powerful tool for accomplishing automated workflows in the lab. The changes we’ve made this month make it easier to call orders based on dynamic situations and to filter through the orders afterwards to understand their relationship.

  • Added ability to place orders based on events using webhooks. This logic allows the user to create orders based on outcomes and activities within an existing workflow.

    For example, maybe you want to separate a plate from a larger batch for additional processing. Now, you can set GBG to automatically generate an independent order to continue processing the plate in a separate workflow once the first workflow is completed.

    Another way to use this feature is to allow it to drive a tighter integration with the lab’s LIMS, where the LIMS communicates data to GBG Data Services, and Data Services selectively generates the orders to be run. This means that an operator no longer has to queue up the orders that are needed, and the LIMS and Data Services will schedule the workflows alongside the automation tools to execute the research.

  • Added ability to filter orders in GBG Workflow Conductor based on relationships between the orders. Once you begin allowing GBG to automatically generate orders based on events, it’s helpful to be able to understand the hierarchy of the orders placed when looking at the history. Now, you can filter and view this hierarchy in Workflow Conductor.

To take advantage of these updates, version 1.6 of GBG Data Services is required.

Enhancements for Laboratory Transportation

Transportation options like track systems, conveyor belts, planar systems, and mobile robots are growing more critical to the workcells we build these days. Because of that, it’s important to us to continually improve GBG Transportation Manager to keep samples moving. With our latest release, we added a series of small features that make the experience of using Transportation Manager smoother than ever. The updates include Asynchronous Requests, additional context and error handling through GBG Workflow Conductor, and soft warnings for requests that have timed out.

To take advantage of these updates, version 1.4 of GBG Workflow Conductor and 1.6 of GBG Transportation Manager are required.

Plus a Variety of Updates to Improve the Experience of Using GBG Orchestrator

  • Improved the detail and descriptions in error messaging throughout GBG Orchestrator.
  • Added new displayed fields to GBG Workflow Conductor including sourceID, vehicleID, and other contextual details to better understand your Order status.
  • Added support for variables in delay steps within Workflows to better support incubation steps.
  • Added support for re-ordering variables in GBG Workflow Designer and GBG Workflow Conductor.

Upgrading Your Apps

If you’re interested in upgrading your Green Button Go Orchestrator applications with these features, reach out.

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