Equipping the Next Generation of Automation Engineers

March 29, 2023  |  Team Biosero

We are thinking ahead to the summer, when we’ll get to welcome a group of young people to our lab in San Diego as part of our internship program for high school and college students. Every year, we are amazed at how much the young people we work with are able to accomplish in a summer. We’re confident that this year’s team of interns will be just as productive.

We launched the internship program in 2015 because we care about laboratory automation, and we want to get the next generation excited about it, too. It provides a great opportunity to show students a career they probably never even considered before. One of the reasons we love the automation industry is that there isn’t a single perfect career path to get into it. Everyone on the Biosero team has a unique story about how they came to work in automation and how their position builds on their strengths.

We work really hard to communicate that through our internship program.

  • Students are assigned to real-world Biosero projects and get hands-on lab automation experience.
  • They work directly with our automation engineers and other team members, so they have a better idea of their career options.
  • We also take our interns’ interests and experiences into account, tailoring projects to ensure that they get the most out of their time with us.

Interest in automation is soaring following the years of working remotely due to COVID-19. A lot of that engagement is coming from scientists already established in their careers, but there’s also enthusiasm from the next generation of potential scientists and engineers. These young people are incredibly tech savvy and many have already been exposed to some form of automation or robotics. They bring fresh ideas and bold perspectives that could be just what we need to solve some of the biggest challenges in automation today and in the future.

Moving forward, there will be plenty of room to develop creative solutions that help scientists reduce errors and increase productivity in the lab. And as automation use increases, lots of labs will need support teams to maintain and run their systems. Demand for qualified people with automation experience is only going to grow. That’s why we are passionate about giving our students opportunities to work on real problems, build connections, and learn best practices. It’s the best way to gain the practical skills needed in a truly exciting job market.

Our past interns have made important contributions to our product suite that customers still benefit from today. Learn more about some of the projects they worked on here and here.

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