Employee spotlight – honoring Greg Clark

March 31, 2021  |  Team Biosero

Today, the team at Biosero, is launching a blog series on our greatest asset, our team members. We are proud to have our first employee spotlight honor Greg Clark, who lost a hard-fought battle with cancer on March 14, 2021.

Greg Clark

Team member: Greg Clark 

Came aboard: July 9, 2010

What did Greg do at Biosero? When Greg came on board, he started working on service contracts and spent a good deal of time determining the location of all the products Biosero sold from 2003 to 2010. His work ethic rapidly propelled him into the director of service position. Greg’s dedication to our customers led him to take over the sales team as well. When Greg first took over sales, there was a lot of area to cover and few team members, but somehow Greg managed to sell products throughout the US and even into Europe.

What did Greg love about the work that we do? Greg was passionate about the challenge of each day and enjoyed growing and developing Biosero. He loved working with customers the most. He found it rewarding to see our customers accelerate their research with Biosero products.

When you think of Greg, what comes to mind? Greg was incredibly driven and dedicated, leaving messages late in the evening and far before sunrise; 4 am emails were not unusual. He never stopped.

How did Greg change Biosero? Greg was extremely committed to Biosero, and Biosero would not be the company it is today without his efforts. He was one of the most significant contributors to our success and tirelessly worked towards our mission to increase discoveries and cures in Life Science.

We honor Greg’s memory with an annual recognition reward to the employee that best exemplifies the traits that we will remember him for: passion, candor, truth, and excellence. In addition, we are naming a conference room after him, with a plaque that reads:

Greg Clark “Candor and Truth” Conference Room 
Greg Clark was driven by passion and inspired by truth. He did not waiver in his beliefs, nor did he settle for anything less than success. He was open to the opinions of others and pursued excellence to the end. In this room, we honor Greg Clark by speaking the truth and engaging in honest and open dialogues, knowing that this is the only way to answer the challenges we address at Biosero.

We will be forever grateful to Greg for his contribution to Biosero and his memory will continue to shape us as we strive for excellence with passion and truth.

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