Celltrio and Biosero automated solutions accelerate cell culture and harvesting process 2-3 fold

March 1, 2021  |  Press Release

SAN DIEGO and SANTA CLARA, CALIF. – March 3, 2021 – Biosero, Inc. and Celltrio, Inc. will integrate Biosero’s Green Button Go™ Automation Scheduling Software with Celltrio’s innovative RoboCell™ Automation Platform to accelerate cell line culturing and harvesting processes, including cryogenic storage, into a highly flexible and modular end-to-end system.

“Combining the Green Button Go™ scheduling software platform with our robotic cell line development platform provides our customers with an industry-leading solution for workflow management, scheduling, and data aggregation. We see high value in aggregating process data with robotic automation data to build intelligence into existing systems and for future innovations,” said Charlie Duncheon, CEO and Co-founder of Celltrio. “Green Button Go™ software enhances our modular approach to building solutions quickly and reliably.”

“Biosero’s collaboration with Celltrio is the first step in bringing validated and innovative software solutions to the cell line development environment,” said Tom Gilman, CEO, Biosero. “When scientists have access to flexible and easy-to-use laboratory automation software, combined with an innovative robotics control platform, they can streamline cell culturing and harvesting processes to accelerate drug discovery workflows.”

A webinar discussing the automation advantage using RoboCell™ and Green Button Go™ software will be hosted on March 25, 2021 at 10:30 a.m. PST. Please reach out to bd@celltrio.com for registration details.

About Biosero, Inc.
Biosero, Inc. develops automation software people use to make better decisions, in less time, using more data. The company’s software enables complex, data-driven decisions to be made instantaneously, keeping workflows and operations in life science, pharmaceutical and industrial manufacturing moving. Biosero’s device-agnostic Green Button Go™ Automation Scheduling Software integrates hardware solutions from different OEMs to create cohesive technology ecosystems that accelerate operations and increase productivity. For more information, please visit www.https://biosero.com.

About Celltrio, Inc.
Celltrio, Inc. develops and delivers high-value automation solutions for biobanking and cell line development processes. Growth in the cell culture and harvesting automation market is primarily driven by the need to reduce the time and cost of bringing new drugs to market. Automation does exactly that, enabling scientific experiments to be executed much faster, reducing costs, and letting scientists focus on science rather than spending time in manual manipulation of experimental materials. For more information, visit www.Celltrio.com.

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