Accelerating Research with Automation

March 23, 2022  |  Trends

In today’s competitive environment, automation is a valuable investment for research laboratories where scientists want to do more research on a smaller budget. With automation, scientists can optimize their experimental protocols to improve staff safety and reduce the risk of work-related injuries. This is especially true in high-throughput laboratories where routine, repetitive tasks can be a major bottleneck.

Automation solutions are the workhorses of many research laboratories. Autonomous robots can be programmed to do repetitive tasks using liquid handlers and plate readers, freeing scientists from doing them manually. Software solutions like our Green Button Go® tools connect a range of instruments and robots that scientists use regularly. Using tools such as the Green Button Go Batch Planner, scientists can plan and schedule experiments to run even when they are not in the lab, and they can track individual batches by unique identification codes.

Additionally, automation solutions generate and capture large quantities of multi-dimensional data during experiments and seamlessly move that information between interconnected systems. An integrated platform boosts productivity and improves research reproducibility and provenance tracking. Scientists can focus on analyzing data and planning follow-up experiments instead of monitoring experiments or worrying about compliance requirements.

Automation also reduces mistakes and unwanted variability in experimental processes that can waste time and resources. Scientists work hard to ensure that they do good research, but they can make mistakes — especially when they are tired. Automation saves money by reducing costs associated with human errors. Since robots do not get fatigued or distracted, they can help scientists avoid delays and complete projects on or ahead of schedule. These systems can also alert scientists if problems occur.

Using automation, scientists can do more work in less time without compromising the quality of their research and results. They can also be confident in the reproducibility of their workflows and experiments. Biosero experts are on hand to discuss your lab’s needs and come up with an automation solution that matches them. Reach out to our team to discuss your needs and how we can help.

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