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Plug-and-Play Automation

Cutting-edge technology deserves top-of-the-line automation scheduling software. Your customers rely on your sophisticated technology and instrumentation and require a robust, intuitive automation interface to meet their complex goals. Biosero will partner with you to help bring best-in-class, complete workflow automation solutions to help them achieve everyday automation success.

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Validated Automation Bundles

After purchasing hardware, your customers will need to automate sample handling. Partnering with Biosero, you can provide customers a dynamic lab solution they can deploy quickly and easily.

Biosero provides pre-validated automation solutions and bundles your customers will find approachable. Bundles are cost-effective and can expand as required as the need for throughput increases. Green Button Go® software guides them through the automation experience, empowering them to control the timing and scheduling of their experiments, ensuring success every day.

Biosero provides:

  • Validation of the complete automation solution with basic protocols
  • Expert device driver development and maintenance
  • Local support in most regions of the U.S. and Europe
  • Turnkey custom automation bundles with future proof expandability
  • Customer can purchase software and support from you or Biosero
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Collaborate to Create End-to-End Laboratory Workflows

Whether you need a validated sample-handling automation bundle for your instrument or expandable software tools and services to integrate complex automation projects, Biosero can bring automation to life for your customers. Read about the many collaborators who trust Biosero to provide their customers with automation software.

Rorze Lifescience

In December 2019, RORZE Lifescience adopted Green Button Go Software as its exclusive automation scheduling software. RORZE distributes Green Button Go Software to customers in the clinical, pharmaceutical, research and biotech sectors in Japan and via its joint venture with Rorze ReMed Lifescience Co., Ltd. in China.

RLS manufactures and commercializes automated equipment for drug discovery research and regenerative medicine manufacturing. RORZE CORPORATION cultivated its technical foundation and know-how in the development and production of automation systems for semiconductor manufacturing – processes that require cleanliness, miniaturization, stability and high performance. The company used these unique approaches in the research and development of its new cell culture system, which is an evolution of its original incubator system.

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The ACEA NovoCyte is a premiere benchtop Flow Cytometer capable of reading from 24/48/96 and 384 well plates and a 40 tube rack. There is automated post sampling rinse capability coupled with an internal orbital shaker and barcode reader. ACEA collaborated with Biosero to develop validated automation for the NovoCyte Flow Cytometer. The automation is fully upgradeable, so you can add, change or remove elements when needed.

The NovoCyte Automation bundle is available directly from ACEA and consists of a Precise PF400 Robot, Sample Storage and Green Button Go software with ready-to-run protocols. Please contact your NovoCyte Representative at ACEA for further details and pricing.

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The BioRad ZE5 Flow Cytometer has the ideal combination of throughput smart sample handling and high speed to meet research needs. Biosero and BioRad have collaborated to create a validated automation bundle that provides approachable, walk-away automation for the ZE5.

This bundle is ready to run with protocols, and you have the flexibility to work with Biosero to customize the bundle in any way necessary to meet your research needs. The basic bundle is shown with a Precise PF400 robot and Green Button Go software.

Learn more from your BioRad ZE5 Representative or contact Biosero directly for information and pricing.

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Elemental Machines

Elemental Machines integrates Green Button Go™ Automation Scheduling Software with Elemental Machines’ AI-powered platform so scientists and researchers can produce consistent, reliable results from every life science laboratory experiment.

Biosero’s device- and data-agnostic laboratory automation software integrates with the Elemental Machines intelligent IoT platform to connect it with laboratory instruments and ambient environmental sensors. The integrated platforms capture and contextualize granular data about environmental variables (such as light, temperature, humidity, and pressure) as well as directly pulling data from scientific instruments, enhancing the quality of end-to-end workflow in the lab.

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Grenova Solutions

Grenova Solutions has developed the first validated fluid handling tip washers to reduce lab waste. Labs with any level of throughput can benefit from reducing cost and waste with Grenova technology. Biosero worked directly with Grenova Solutions engineering team to create a robust and valid automation option to feed tips into the TipNovus washing instrument automatically.

The TipNovus Automation bundle is available directly from Grenova and consists of a Precise PF400 Robot, Sample Storage and Green Button Go software with ready to run protocols. Please contact your Grenova representative for further details and pricing.

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Grenova Solutions

Molecular Devices

Molecular Devices is a premier provider of instrumentation and solutions for life science research. The Molecular Devices team can install Green Button Go Software and configure it to provide automation solutions for plate readers, cellular imaging systems and colony pickers. For more information, contact your Molecular Devices representative.

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SPT Labtech

The SPT Labtech Dragonfly Discovery dispenser can run seamlessly with Green Button Go Software for walk-away automation of any workflow. Biosero and SPT Labtech have collaborated to create a validated automation bundle to provide plug-and-play automation solutions quickly. This bundle is ready to run with protocols, and you have the flexibility to work with Biosero to customize the bundle in any way necessary to meet your research needs. Learn more from your SPT Labtech Representative or contact Biosero directly for more information and options.

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Biosero and TetraScience, Inc. collaborate to integrate data glyphs, instruments and robotic sensors with the cloud-native Tetra Data Platform using Green Button Go™ Automation Scheduling Software. The systems automatically collect, store and harmonize life science R&D data in the cloud to accelerate drug discovery and research.

This collaboration allows the Tetra R&D Cloud to ingest data from automated workcells and unify it in a centralized location, making data accessible for analysis with popular data science and visualization tools. With this control, Green Button Go software customers gain bi-directional instrument control and direct instrument integration.

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