Laboratory Automation Specialist

(San Diego, CA)


Laboratory Automation Specialist (San Diego, CA)

Biosero, Inc. is a fast-paced and rapidly growing company focused on Life Science automation.

Biosero, Inc. is the leader in life science integration and the premier software company for automation workflows. Our award-winning software and engineering solutions are placed in top accounts worldwide, including the top: pharmaceutical, agricultural, clinical, diagnostics and biotech companies. The work we do impacts the world by accelerating productivity, discovery & cures. Our team works collaboratively with our customers to help amplify their results and speed to impact the world. Biosero is the fastest growing software company in the life sciences space.

Our work environment is very fast-paced, filled with “A Team players” that work under pressure because they understand their impact on our customers and our customers impact to the world. We are looking for another “A Team” player to fill one of our exclusive positions, Laboratory Automation Specialist, based in San Diego, CA. This role is an opportunity to work in a highly creative, fast paced & motivational environment with an extremely talented, fun, passionate team with high integrity.

Company Awards

Top 100 Places to work in San Diego (#8), Top 10 Genomics companies in San Diego, Nominated for CEO of the Year (2018-2021), Top 50 Most Influential People in San Diego 2020, Nominated for COO of the Year (2019-2021), Nominated CTO of the Year (2021), Most Innovative Product Award 2021, CEO of the Year 2021.

This position will primarily focus on the implementation of highly coordinated and intelligent workflows with the best automation software in the world. Biosero implements laboratory automation workflows for biological/pharmacological research & clinical diagnostics. With the increasing need to track experimental samples throughout workflow operations, there is also an increased need to push a wide variety of data metrics to customer LIMS/LMS. Biosero’s Green Button Go Orchestrator is a suite of software products that provides a comprehensive and unified approach to the design, scheduling and execution of automation workflows within and across laboratories.

As a Laboratory Automation Specialist, you will work with the customer, Applications team and Sales Account Managers to implement comprehensive Green Button Go programs that fulfill complex automation workflow requirements that also manages the primary data infrastructure needs and coordinate these advanced workflow solutions using Green Button Go software suite. As the needs of the customer may change and evolve, you will also provide support of any Biosero delivered Green Button Go software suite solutions as needed. As required, this position will include travel to the customer site to implement the workflow solutions using the Green Button Go scheduler and Orchestrator software modules, assist/support the testing of device drivers, and assist with the deployment of the automation workcell when necessary.

The customer needs and your automation solutions will contribute to the continued improvement of the Green Button Go software suite and development of new software products.

Our team is passionate about our mission to enable discoveries in life science by coupling our software platforms with data and robotics. Our customers are excited to work with us because our team is creative and passionate about ensuring their success with everyday automation.

Employment type – Full-time | Benefits – Medical, dental, life insurance, and matching 401k


  • Be a resource that can interface with the customer with relevant workflow questions, and have a good acumen to collaboratively interpret the needs and requirements of the project derived from the statement of work (SOW)
  • Generate acceptance criteria documentation
  • Identification and mitigation of any risks, and execute upon the implementation of the automated solution
  • Understand the customer’s needs for utilization of their data, databases, LIMS/LMS & Green Button Go to deliver the infrastructural needs within the Green Button Go workflow and Orchestrator software suite
  • Identify workflow scenarios that require significant development and customization that may also be potential risks during implementation
  • Conduit to transfer important information of product roadmap to other Applications personnel to best support consultative opportunities where necessary
  • Engage with customer/partner and cross functional teams to provide the customer with the best experience of a successful deployment and implementation of the Biosero automated solutions
  • Provide thought leadership through collaborative feedback on product development and improvement of existing and future Biosero software products
  • Where possible, contribute to marketing efforts to generate material that will promote Biosero products
  • Provide customer training on the Green Button Go software suite as required


  • Minimum 5 years of strong working experience with data, databases, LIMS/LMS architecture and data centric applications
  • Familiarity with commonly used Data-Interchange formats and IT infrastructures.
  • Experience with cloud infrastructure and technologies (Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud)
  • Familiarity with both relational databases (SQL Server) and non-relational databases (CosmosDB, MongoDB)
  • Experience and understanding of multiple technical domains – such as, but not limited to: application, data, integration, big data, mobility and analytics.
  • Excellent understanding of the architectural principles for cloud-based platforms that include SaaS, multi-tenancy, and automation
  • Ability to travel (including internationally) 30-50%

Preferred Candidate Attributes

  • Excellent creativity, analytical, problem solving, and time management skills
  • Have good written and oral communication skills, with an emphasis on providing practical guidance by explaining complex topics clearly and concisely
  • Ability to collaborate and interact with cross-functional team disciplines

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