Customer Success Engineer, Training Manager

(San Diego, CA)


Customer Success Engineer, Training Manager (San Diego, CA)


Biosero, Inc. is the leader in life science integration and the premier software company for automation workflows. Our award-winning software and engineering solutions are placed in top accounts worldwide, including the top: pharmaceutical, agricultural, clinical, diagnostics and biotech companies. The work we do impacts the world by accelerating productivity, discovery & cures. Our team works collaboratively with our customers to help amplify their results and speed to impact the world. Biosero is the fastest growing software company in the life sciences space.

Our work environment is very fast-paced, filled with “A Team players” that work under pressure because they understand their impact on our customers and our customers impact to the world. We are looking for another “A Team” player to fill one of our exclusive positions based in San Diego, CA. This role is an opportunity to work in a highly creative, fast paced & motivational environment with an extremely talented, fun, passionate team with high integrity.

Company Awards:

Top 100 Places to work in San Diego (#8), Top 10 Genomics companies in San Diego, Nominated for CEO of the Year (2018-2021), Top 50 Most Influential People in San Diego 2020, Nominated for COO of the Year (2019-2021), Nominated CTO of the Year (2021), Most Innovate Product Award 2021, CEO of the Year 2021

As our Customer Success Engineer, you will be responsible for managing the entire Green Button Go training program. You will build, manage, and deliver training programs for our customers, partners, and employees. Your role will be to educate users of the world’s most advanced lab automation scheduling software. If you have a passion for guiding and teaching others, then come join the team committed to helping scientists detect, treat, and prevent disease.

What you will do:

  • Manage Biosero’s training and education program. You will help maintain the program, manage it, craft the content, and deliver it to customers.
  • Establish training curriculum and materials for users of the Green Button Go product suite.
  • Maintain the training schedule and training sessions, communicate it with customers, partners, and employees, and organize training sessions.
  • Conduct training sessions in a classroom environment, online, and at customer sites (some travel required).
  • Become a Biosero Product subject matter expert.
  • Conduct Acceleration Lab tours and GBG demos.
  • Provide onboarding training to new Biosero employees.
  • Produce high quality training videos, snippets, how-to’s, and tips & tricks for online content.
  • Maintain FAQ and Training portal.
  • Assist with product documentation.
  • Work with Biosero’s Marketing and Product Management Teams to promote training as a profit center.

Who you are:

  • You love to teach.
  • You have good communication skills, and your presentations are not boring.
  • You can understand complex problems and have a flair for lucid explanation.
  • You can keep an audience engaged and motivated, and you can think on your feet.
  • You are patient and work conscientiously with your trainees. You track their progress and guide them to understanding.
  • You can plan, organize, and develop new training routines and the content to support them.
  • You have basic scripting skills (JavaScript, C#, and Python do not scare you).
  • Ideally, you have hands on experience with Green Button Go.
  • Experience in Life Science and/or Laboratory Automation will go a long way in ensuring your success in this role.

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